Monday, March 2, 2009

Vols gone Wild!

Maybe it's just me.... but THIS reminds me a little too much of Lord of The Flies. Rife with male teen pre-pubescent angst...lots of shouting...and partial male nudity. Coach O Piggy...? If so...what does he do before the season opener?


Mackie said...

...and of course they put Fulmer's head on a stake as an offering to "the beast". Yet all along, the real beast was inside each of THEM!

Excellent literary reference, Bernie. I feel slightly more intelligent recognizing it.

Bernie said...

Well, after all the "angst" I caused my 10th grade lit teacher...I guess I can make Mrs. Smith proud by throwing out that LOTF analogy into the cybersphere.

I really made an assonance of that class....but I ALWAYS kept my shirt on.