Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two for Tuesday...

....a couple big doosies for your Tuesday evening headlines.

John Jancek is your new co-defensive coordinator. It was a move many thought CMR would make, just with a different person.

I'll be honest. This produces more questions for me right now than answers. When news broke early Tuesday that Jancek had turned down South Florida's offer as DC it produced barely a ripple. But late this afternoon the phone vibrated and this news came through the nearest cell tower.

It appears Martinez is still the signal caller. Jancek will be "instrumental" in the game planning on the defensive side of the ball. The Monday after the Tech loss BDB suggested this move, just with Garner as the co-DC.

Like I said, I have a lot of questions. But in CMR I trust.

In hardcourt news, a story has been leaked about Georgia's interest in Oklahoma's Jeff Capel. The fact that Evans is interested in the young, successful coach is not really news. But the fact that UGA Athletic Dept is ready to hand over $2 million is HUGE news. Chances of Capel leaving Norman for Athens decrease dramatically with this story's leakage, like from 5% to .5%. 

Ok, that may be a little dramatic. But you get my point.

PWD has a thorough rundown of the undertones, high and low. It could shape up to be a good month for the Georgia basketball program. Suitcases with that type of cash have been toted around Butts-Mehre before, just not by a round ball coach.

Don't forget to celebrate Herschel's birthday. And don't skimp on the gift...he can still kick your tail.

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