Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your St. Patrick's Day Pints

Some pretty big and somewhat expected basketball news yesterday. Dave Leitao resigned as the head coach at UVa yesterday. Thanks to me bride, I've got some family up there. He was pretty well though of and they have some very nice facilities that reside within a basketball conference. So this certainly could make Damon Evans' pool a little more shallow. Anthony Grant of VCU has been a hot rumor around Athens. He and his wife have been pretty vocal about their love for the state of Virginia and Charlottesville. We'll see if that admiration is returned.

Also, the new coach will have at least one more scholly to work with: Zac Swansey asked for and received his release yesterday. Multiple outlets (and teammates) have also reported that Troy Brewer has followed suit. Now Brewer is hedging....?? Stay tuned.

Speaking of free educations, Coach Richt yanked a football scholly from ECI's Dexter Moody late last week. Moody failed to live up to a previous agreement of good judgment and now will try to fit in a little better in... gatorsville?? Color me a greenhorn, but threatening a teacher is more than a little trouble in my book. 

Ye lads and lassies need a little less nanny and a little more whack on the fanny...

And speaking of CMR, he's being a little more vocal about his displeasure with last season's results. Is this spring season coachspeak? Sure. Are similar expressions heard around the country? Youbetcha! But it still makes me smile.

After all, I remember when a 5-6 season was a big disappointment. I'm on board - Let's kick it Old School Coach!



David Hale said...

Links open in a new window! Excellent stuff!

Bernie said...

hmm...a lucky leprechaun must've tinkered with it...