Thursday, April 16, 2009

America DEPENDS upon R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You have undoubtedly heard by now of the Yankee fan who was thrown out of a game this week for trying to urinate during the singing of God Bless America. For the record, it is a rule that you not do that. And by rule I mean both literally (although how steadfast and established is a matter of debate) and ethically.

Also for the record, Bernie likes that rule. 

The fan is now pursuing legal action....what else? The NY Civil Liberties Union has graciously provided their services, assistance and support in the dubious course of action. 

The Yankhole says he is proud to be an American, but doesn't observe any religious practices. Bernie has tried but doesn't see where Bradford Campeau-Laurion was being required to drape himself in the Red, White and Blue, profess his love for the tiny infant baby Jesus and sing with all his blessed little heart one of our nation's more passionate, patriotic songs.

Another admission: Bernie agrees with Cal Naughton Jr and prefers the Jesus with the tuxedo t-shirt.

Did the cops over-react? Well....I wasn't there and I'm not going to get into all of the he said-he spewed. On the surface it appears that the cops could have handled it differently. The fact is they didn't.

From my perspective the frog eater was just being asked to stay at his seat for about a minute, cross his legs if he had to and keep his trap shut if he must. Want to feign patriotism? Pull a Britney and lip-sync. No harm-no foul. 

To make your own judgment on the issue, I am providing you with one story against the decision to toss out the first commie AND one story in favor.....oh well, couldn't really find one. Guess that puts me in the minority again.

At least let me insert my own research: I finished a Super Gulp! about a half hour ago. And in the time it took to type this out I have been singing God Bless America (....let's see....almost done....there!) Sang it seven times in a row. And guess what? I was able to hold it!!

I doubt any wine swillin' frenchies grace my space, but if you're around Mr. Campeau-Laurion - here's some thoughts for your digestion: in America...we respect songs woven into our national psyche. Steer clear of institutions like the NYCLU and if you want to see a Yankees game, be prepared to follow Steinbrenner's rules.

Lastly, might I also suggest consulting with former astronaut Lisa Nowak on creative ways to work around those pesky bladder issues. After all, it's called the 7th Inning Stretch, not the 7th inning urinal cake.

Friday Feedbag

* It's always appropriate to leadoff on the diamond, and Perno's Diamond Dawgs welcome Arkansas to Foley this weekend
* There were no TurDucKens harmed in the retirement of John Madden. Although I hear Favre cried a little.
* At Bulldawg Illustrated, Jeff Dantzler has some thoughts on CMRs assistant hiring practices and what they could mean now and in the future.
* No doubt inspired by BDBs feature on Yoculan's success at UGA, TotalUGA reports that Kupets and the GymDogs are off to a great start in Lincoln.
* Hale has an in-depth interview with Yoculan as she draws her career to a close; here's the in-depth article that resulted; and here are his collection of deleted scenes.
* Ridge has a wrap-up of this week's news that former UGA commit Dexter Moody is flirting with KiffyBaby on a subterranean level.
* Senator Blutarsky has never been fooled by a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters, but has a look at what's pumpin' on Rocky Flop and also ponders the awesomeness that will be Saturday's spring game in HillBillyLand.
* And Battle Hymn Notes has a look back and a look ahead for UGA Athletics. Here's to hoping...indeed.

So to sum up: Formula One driver Jean Girard and a Mr. Campeau-Laurion eat crepes, Bernie and Ricky Bobby drink PBR and eat pizza crusts. That's all fine and good. But when it's time to pay respects...if you don't take that beret off of your well groomed head pipsqueak, we'll come at you like a spider monkey and scissor kick you in the head!

These colors don't run! 

Shake and Bake Reader. And happy Friday.


MikeInValdosta said...

Personally, I prefer the baby Jesus.

Frogs are for gigging and firecrackers, not dinner plates.

Nice NASA reference.

I am sure Robert Gibbs, that West Opelika piece of crap, will come to the defense of this girly bladder of a baseball fan and eventually suggest the name of the song be changed to something less offensive to Somali pirates (excuse me, Hillary, you are right they are criminals deserving Miranda rights) and Berkely atheists.

Frankly, I think this is the first good thing to come out of New York since South Carolina asserted it's Tenth Amendment rights and earned their way into the SEC. I still think lexington should be banished from the conference and placed with their non-adding comrades from the Big 10.

And what is so civil about the liberties the ACLU protects. Will they protect states rights? Taxpayers rights? Property owners right? The ACLU is simply a jobs program for social misfits that may have passed a bar exam. The only requirement Hillary couldn't fulfill.

Bernie said...

Hey Mike, when you decide to run for office (be it oval or the larger SEC Commish style) I would be honored to be considered as a running mate. : )

Jenn said...

You'd have my vote too. Way to sum up the ACLU.
And I prefer the baby Jesus also.

MikeInValdosta said...

LOL, the closet is way too full...