Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diamond Dawgs Ruffle Some Feathers

Athens drew me home for the first time in quite a while and I took the chance to catch the Diamond Dawgs in action. The Dawgs crossed the plate 11 times and needed nearly every one to hold off the Owls of Kennesaw State.

Post-game on the Perno Show the Dawgs' skipper sounded more than unsure who his bottom of the order should consist of as a complement to the murderers' row at the top.

Indeed, Poythress celebrated Jeff Keppinger's birthday by tying the former Dawg's record for roundtrippers in a game with three. Here's a professional video of his third dinger:

By now you are undoubtedly aware that I forgot my camera...sorry. The Dawgs 7 HRs put them on pace to break the school's record for HRs in a season, before the end of the regular season.

Always willing to embrace controversy, I took a seat along the third base side for most of the game, amidst the spooky Owl fans who had made the ride over. At one point in the 6th I heard one nocturnal fan who had escaped the aviary ask:  Do they play a full nine?

You betcha ya foul fowl. And we also wear jocks and cups at this level too! 

Must be a Cobb Snob. While the bottom of the lineup remains day to day, Perno seemed set on his bat boy...none other than Jared Poythress. Definitely good luck for older brother.

The Diamond Dawgs travel to Jacksonville State tomorrow night (first pitch at just after 7pm) and then travel to beautiful Oxford for the weekend. If you're not in the Jacksonville area tomorrow evening, you can catch all the action on 960theRef.

For a better writeup and better pictures, click HERE.


Mackie said...

You say "Cobb Snob" as if it's a bad thing...

Bernie said...

You're right. I've never known someone from Cobb who didn't embrace that distinction with anything other than honor.