Friday, April 10, 2009

Empty Solo Cups Are a Drain on the Economy

Top Ten Signs Your Vacation is About Over

10. G-day has arrived.
9. If you eat another cheeseburger by the pool you might burst.
8. The wife has threatened that if you play golf one more time, the trip to Stillwater is off.
7. Your wallet is about as thin as the lone dollar bill than occupies it.
6. It's moving day at the Masters.
5. You're developing a rep as the grumpy old man by the pool who insists ALL children display a modicum of civility.
4. The transplants from Michigan are really starting to get on your nerves.
3. Your kids are sick of your sense of humor when you tell them the ice cream shop ran out of ice...then ran out of cream....then is closed on Wednesdays....then only serves to grown-ups....
2. Filling up a cooler every morning and lugging it to the pool is just too much work.
1. Your margarita solo cup looks like this 

Friday's Feedbag
* OkayOkayOkay! Here are the rosters....
* Mark Fox has wasted little time in rounding out his staff.
* Kris Durham will not be dressed out for Saturday's G-Day game...or any game the '09 season.
* Meanwhile it looks like Charlie Weis has met his match on the recruiting trail.
* Orson Charles is ready for the Dawgs to beat floriDuh and is putting his money where his mouth Athens, not Daytona Beach.
* KiffyBaby not only kicks a brand new father off the team, he does so before letting his teammates in on the news. 
* A great look at the details that CMR is focused on this spring.
* Jeff Schultz has a look at one amatuer's rise to the hallowed fairways of Augusta National.
* And if you're like me and love some nice statistics to grapple with, the Senator has your hook up.

Boys and girls, it's been real. But real life beckons and Bernie can only turn his back for so long. Plus I know my lone reader is pissed at the lack of meterial this week. 

And I thought my life was dull.

Don't forget your cans tomorrow. Then tip your cap for lots of points, lots of turnovers and NO INJURIES!!



MikeInValdosta said...

A few more signs your vacation has run its course:

It's been cloudy and wet all week, then the sun comes out.

You have started pricing water softeners for the house you are renting.

Your dogs are no longer intrigued by the beach and surf, and simpy run to your vehicvle and whimper every time you open the door.

And my number one reason, after telling your oldest daughter 100 times you will not drive to Panama City and pick her boyfriend up, she then tells you his mother has offered to drive him to Cape San Blas for a visit.

Bernie said...

Ouch! Guess you're telling me to enjoy them while they look forward to pulling my cooler each morning...and to keep my gun very, VERY clean.