Sunday, April 5, 2009

G-Day Profile - Logan Gray

You know how when you were taking a multiple choice test and the answers just started jumping out at you? Suddenly you're screaming along towards an easy A, selecting answers as if they were classes listed in the OPSTAR (punch card and a prayer, h/t Mike in Valdosta).

Then all of a sudden you go right by a question without even taking the time to focus on the true answer. The teacher slipped one in that completely caught you off guard. You smiled confidently right up until the time you got the test back and realized you had fallen for the oldest teacher's trick in the book. Sucker punched by that attractive answer choice A.

A similar test is being passed out in spring drills over outside of Butts-Mehre. Logan Gray is that elusive answer choice D that is being over shadowed by the 5th year senior who hasn't lost a game since before he could drive to high school and the two young pups still being suckled by Bobo and overwhelmed by his playbook.

Marc Weiszer has a piece on the dual threat QB from Missouri that looks at his chances at cracking the lineup, or just simply getting onto the field for a spell (see - DJ during Greene's reign supreme). 

I've said before that I'm not a big fan of signal callers anywhere in between the hash marks during their freshman campaigns. The last time we tried that it was certainly out of necessity, but it also led to losses to Kentucky...and Vandy during Homecoming. The decision rebounded in time to see Tra Battle beat the War Tigers nearly single-handedly, but overall it was just building blocks to the following season.

I'd prefer to ease 'em into the SEC den of thieves.

Weiszer's not the only person to recognize this trend in appointing Murray and Mett the lead Dawgs to press Cox for playing time this fall a little too soon. Hale gratefully showed his deadhead side as he broke down the redshirt sophomore QB using a touch of Gray a couple weeks ago. And Belue adds his weight to the QB issue as well; although he's more concerned that people are overlooking Cox.

Do yourselves a favor at G-Day Saturday: when #6 trots onto the field, pay some attention. He might be an answer choice this fall....and beyond.


Bill said...

I believe Logan Gray should be the 2nd string or if he wins the job the starter on a practical basis let alone that he is older and has been in the system longer.

This idea of Murray or Mettenburger eventually taken over in the middle of the season seems to be an idea that's flames are being faned by the AJC or an outside of Athens publication-Tim Tucker did a recent piece on the progress of the two freshmen and Tony Barnhart wrote about the possibillity of Aaron Murray overtaking Joe Cox. Most of the stuff I have read from the Banner Herald from Marc Weiszer or David Hale has suggested that Logan Gray be the second in command. Dr.Saturday made some comparison between Joe Cox and Joe T about a month ago.

Let the Freshman learn and redshirt!

MikeInValdosta said...

With regard to Freshmen QB's, we have had some limited success with them, although not with first year out of high school guys.

Z was our best option right out of high school, although it took him a couple of games to supplant Tally. Quincy was not right out of high school, but his first year may have been his best. Regarding Quincy's last year, thank you Jim Donnan for not pulling that redshirt off of David Greene, another Freshman starter.

All that being said, I would prefer ou QB recruiting take us to the stage where we only start guys 2 years. But defections seem to haunt us in this regard and kids end up playing for Oklahoma or worse.

Logan Gray, while I did not like him returning punts, has earned my respect and I hope he gets on the field in the style you referenced. I can think of no better offensive line to break quarterbacks in under.

And since I have ended a sentence with a preposition, I am reminded of a joke.

A young man leaves Georgia to attend Harvard on scholarship. Upon arriving on campus he asked an upperclassman "excuse, could you tell me where the library is at?".

The uppoerclassman responds "My good chap, here at this prestigous institution, we do not end our sentences with prepositions."

The Georgian retorts, "okay, could you tell me where the library is at, asshole."

Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

Bill - agreed. As mentioned, Tucker has a piece today on Gray (link below).

And as MikeInValdosta mentions, there have been times when playing freshman QBs has been necessary. I really think (and hope) this season isn't one of them. I agree that the best case scenario os to have a junior/redshirt junior or sophomore take over as signal caller each year.

I'm eager to see these guys Saturday. (BTW - great joke!)