Sunday, April 12, 2009

G-Day Wrap-up

Anytime your defense is on the field the entire game and only gives up's a good thing. I've now had a chance to live and re-live and watch and re-watch the effort, competition and the one round bout between Boykin and Green.

Here's some shout-outs:
  • Justin Houston - 3 sacks; and just in time too, cuz I'd nearly forgotten what one looked like
  • Bryan Evans - 3 tackles and a pick; and just in time too, cuz I'd nearly forgotten what one looked like
  • Carlton Thomas - nice to see first hand what we've been reading about; kid's got some get up and go, that TD run definitely showed it
  • Blair Walsh - showed he ain't skeer'd of no Bogatay
  • Logan Gray - showed he ain't skeer'd of the two-minute offense
  • Joe Cox - solid start for a guy who's waited a plenty...and he's still undefeated since the end of the Clinton Administration
  • Boykin - kid's not afraid to go toe-to-toe with AJ and rewarded his coaches for their praise with some solid play
  • And lastly...Marcus Washington - missed that guy, didn't we?

  • Receivers who dropped passes - doubleUGH!
  • Wendi Nix - for not asking the question to Jeff Owens every viewer undoubtedly wanted to hear: So Jeff, how's the blogging going? That was a golden opportunity to show college football fans everywhere the mutha is more in tune than people give it credit for being, not to mention an opportunity to get 95 some more clicks.

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