Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump Day Hiccups

If the laptop cooperates, I may have this week's discussion topic up later. Otherwise it'll be tomorrow. So for now these brief spasms of inhaled air will have to suffice.

  • First and foremost - tech sucks.
  • That feels better already. Amidst all the talk of G-Day, the lettermen's game has been all but lost. But not at TotalUGA. Jensen gives us a look at Cory Phillips and my old US History teacher, Coach Goodwin. Tippacanoe and Tyler too Coach! (That's right!...I got a B)
  • For a while now I've been hearing how great 960 The Ref is, but haven't been able to actually pick the station up; Ridge brings news that they now can be heard over something called the internets.
  • Streit of Bubba 'N Earl fame has a breakdown of the competition at WR going into fall; for some unknown reason he has AJ Green ink'd in I guess, so the post centers on the other guys.
  • Noops gives some credence to the idea of dawgs with facial hair as well as a preview of Jimmy Fallon's guest list for Thursday night.
  • And lastly, the dulcet tones of Macon Telegraph's UGA beat writer. More soothing than the raptaptapping of his keyboard??..........debatable.

And a free lunch giveaway this week for the first reader who provides Bernie with Friday night's MegaMillions numbers. Act now, offer good only while the filet-o-fish lasts.

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