Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Let's PLUG This In

I'm about as avid a runner as Chan Gailey was a winning coach. It's always a good idea until you get to the end of the driveway and realize you are only going to get further and further away from the comforts of beer, sofas...and A/C. 

I do enjoy the occasional road race however, and last year I found one that was as enjoyable as any other I've competed...excuse me, AHEM!...completed.

The SCAN Foundation raises much needed funds for Skin Cancer awareness and prevention. Its founder Marilyn Fry, organizes and produces an annual 5K Walk/Run in and around the Perimeter Mall area just north of Atlanta the Saturday before Memorial Day.

It's a great race for serious runners getting primed and ready for the Peachtree. It's also an opportunity for runners like me to reacquaint themselves with optimal heart rates, proper hydration and scenic views other than their television.

You may have heard about the event by way of Vince Dooley's voice on 680theFan as recently as Tuesday. If you are not familiar with Dooley's voice please kindly take your keyboard and smack yourself in the forehead. If you don't even know who I am talking about, please exit this blawg immediately.

When I listened to Dooley's radio plug last year I went straight home and signed up. And boyhowdy am I glad that I did.

They have dermatologists on site before and after the race for free screenings. The dermatologist who checked me out discovered a mole on my back that he recommended I have removed. It was what they call pre-cancerous, so I was not at risk...yet.

I don't have to tell any of you I'm sure that others have not been as lucky. Like Tiffany who bravely inspired everyone in attendance last year with both her words and her steps. Although she won't be able to inspire us directly this year, she will certainly be on our minds as we open up our checkbooks...and lace up our shoes.

So, save the date - May 23rd at 8am. 


George Houston said...

Albany to Atlanta is a long way to drive for a 5K but it sounds like it would be good one to run.

Good Luck at the race!

Bernie said...

Thanks TriRunner. If you're not gonna make the trip, maybe you could loan me your shoes...better yet, your cardiovascular system.