Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Always #1 on Bernie's Draft Board

Six total Dawgs drafted over the weekend. Bernie's name was not called, which is why he is still feverishly typing and not nursing a killer Dom Perignon hangover while poring over a playbook the size of the Old Testament chiseled into stone tablets.

I guess the only bad part about being drafted #1 by the Lions as their new franchise QB is that you have to trade your ride in for a Ford. That and they didn't draft an offensive lineman until the seventh round. 

Hope Lydon Murtha can protect the blindside.

While there was much speculation about Stafford and Moreno's decisions back in January, in the end they certainly made the right call. You may can argue that Asher should've stayed another season and tried to improve upon what turned out to be a third round selection, but the other two early entries couldn't have improved their stock much more, if at all.

To all Dawgs who went through the draft process, whether drafted or not....step to the front of the line today and get yourself a heapin' helpin'. This meatloaf is cooked to perfection.
  • Lions' HC Jim Schwartz says the entire staff involved in the draft building process for the organization was sold on Stafford, "from the area scout, to the director of college scouting, to the general manager, to the assistant coach, to the offensive coordinator and the head coach." 
  • Consensus made the Georgia QB an easy pick.
  • Athens Banner-Herald has an update on some Dawg undrafted free agent signings.
  • So Ohio State had nearly 100,000 people at its spring game. Given their record in big games, I guess that's like their own personal BCS Championship. 
  • The Senator defends all college football fans who pay great attention to spring drills and games. I only add that at least our version of the game doesn't let a coin toss decide who holds the greater advantage in overtimes.
  • Great Glory! Somebody step up and pitch for the Diamond Dawgs...SEC series in Oxford goes the way of the Rebels. Bats came alive until Sunday when they were stymied by Ole Miss All-American Scott Bittle.
  • In better news around campus, the Womens' Tennis team collected their third straight SEC title with a 4-0 victory over Tennessee. The NCAA tournament selection show airs Tuesday, 5:20pm on ESPNews.
  • Lastly, Brooks has a humorous look at this year's Mr. Irrelevant from Oxyclean University, where Michael Phelps holds an honorary doctorate in PR disasters.

Perhaps in response to BDBs criticism of the HillBillyLand program's handling of BJ ColemanKiffyBaby issued a statement late Friday where expressed regret at the Coleman decision. As Blutarsky points out, these decisions are common this time of year, especially at the start of a new regime...or circus event as it were. 

But Junior Jackhole says at one point that the main reason the Coleman decision is regrettable is because he feels the young QB had made great strides in his short time with them.

That's right LaneyBoy, great strides towards making the other QBs on your depth chart look like the kind of signal callers the Visor has been signing up lately.

May wanna use a firm grip on that fork Reader. Those bites are quite hefty. And Mr. Stafford - Lloyds of London on the phone...returning your call inquiring about increasing your premium...???


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