Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Back to the Grind

Good news Reader, I went 36 hours without internet access this weekend and lived to tell about it. It wasn't easy, but with the help of a good book and something the wife calls communication (??) I made it through.

Now it's back through the grinder.

Get your fingers greasy with these ingredients, then heat em up at 400.
  • Let's leadoff with the Diamond Dawgs who spent the weekend in Lexington sweeping the Wildcats. Perno's team is now 29-6 on the season including 11-4 in SEC play. Next up: Tech, Tuesday, Foley, 7 pm.
  • Also in Lexington, Diaz's netters eased past 14th ranked Kentucky 6-1 Sunday, even after dropping the first doubles match and the first set in three of six singles matches. Next up: Tennessee, Saturday, Magill, 5 pm.
  • D was the letter of the day Saturday at Sanford and here's Hale's wrap-up, which was much more thorough than this piece of crap.
  • Ridge has his pics from G-Day posted. It looks like AJ may have fallen into his lap with that next to last one. Good work.
  • And if you missed Exhile's top G-Day moments, you missed some chuckles.
  • There are some comparable jobs, but none any better. Call me a sentimental mush, but quotes like that one from CMR in Low's Friday piece gets me all tingly.
  • About the only thing to make me happier would be to see Jeff Owens and Joe Cox holding up that niece piece of BCS hardware January 7th, 2010.
  • Speaking of National Championships, Yoculan's GymDogs head to Lincoln, Nebraska this week to defend their well-earned swagger in the nationals. Utah has something to say about it and they're letting their shirts do the talking. I like PWDs take on it.
  • Stir in one last question to ponder: when Angel Cabrera wrapped up his first Green Jacket, did Jim Nantz drop an f-bomb at the idea of having to share the Butler Cabin moment with some little neck-tied interpreter?

Before leaving the coast I reflected some beside the pool and realized I had spent a lot of time the past week with northerners. And I learned some things too. Like the fact that when one of those pool umbrellas gets on the loose, Ohio State fans look too good in their gray sweater vests to really help out much. And the LOAD of Michigan State fans didn't like my Javon Ringer jokes anymore than they liked the snow they left behind in East Lansing.

And they all frowned when I crushed each dead soldier and threw it back into the cooler amid a loud celebratory belch. Buncha chumps. They all vacay like their defense plays man-to-man in the fourth quarter; a little slow and sitting on their hands.

Here's your napkin Reader. Chew slowly and savor; it's a LONG time 'til two-a-days.



Anonymous said...

Please don't fall for that communication crap with the misses - it's a trap !!!

Bernie said...

The first few minutes were fine...but then I found my role diminished greatly... and my neck began to hurt from all the nodding....