Friday, April 3, 2009

Optimism Meets Reality, Both Can Be Wiley

At 11am this morning Damon Evans will introduce the biggest hire of his tenure as UGAs Athletic Director. The second guessing... well, that began long before he made his decision.

Mark Fox may one day be recognized as good a coach as Pearl, Donovan, Calipari...but on April 3rd, 2009 in name recognition only, he couldn't be any more a polar opposite. Fans are left wondering how we went from Anderson to Fox.

And for that I believe Evans must take some blame; his words set the fanbase up for a BIG hire. He set his sights high and the media and the fans took off running. From the sublime (Capel) to the ridiculous (Knight). While the mutha and the AllJackCrap pimped their supremely vetted candidates, fans ran rampant with names from Anthony Grant to Tom Izzo.

But give credit to Evans for putting the faith and the resources into a program that has lacked both for years. He aimed high and has given this alum reason to believe hoops is on the rise in the Classic City.

This hire will immediately and continually be compared to Bama's with Grant. There was a public "discussion" between Donovan and Adams re: Grant; both Grant and Fox have been successful at comparable programs; Bama went sans search firm, while Evans added the support of extra eyes and investigative resources; and there was the obvious "pass" on the interview as Bama zeroed in on Grant.

I am of the opinion that Grant would have made the better presser, but fall short of feeling he's all that with a side of chips. The one advantage Grant has over Fox at this point is that he is more familiar with the recruiting roads in GA.

But sometimes a fresh name/face/blood can do wonders in sparking an interest, developing and repairing relationships. My guess is Fox will be able to hold his own there. At least until Jacob Dominique Wilkins turns 18 and chooses UGA for his hoops 2024.  : )

I think in the end this hire and the process as a whole fully represents where our program is: looking for the best, but forced to settle for potential. It was nice to dream about Capels and Izzos, but if we wake up with a hidden gem I think we're just as happy.

Friday's Feedbag
  • Had a real nice bit on Logan Gray and the QB situation this spring in the can; then Evans decided he'd rather me post on hoops. Note to Damon: I am your pawn, move me in the direction that best serves our blessed institution. (I'll give you your props a little later Logan....)
  • Speaking of QBs, Tucker of the AJC adds another log to the freshman QB blaze with this piece that shows a little of JCs sense of self-deprecating humor. And Tucker also promises to feature Gray in a feature Sunday. It may be more in-depth than mine, but I bet mine gets a fraction of his reads - HA!
  • Clempson's Saratt bedazzled Georgia batters for eight innings Wednesday night, but had to hand the ball to Vaughn outta the tiggers bullpen in the ninth. Just what Cerione, Poythress and Lewis needed to open up a three run ninth and a come from behind win to sweep a two-game home and home with the urranjah clad diamond dwellers. Will Harvil shut the door in the ninth. Big three game series with LSwho this weekend at Foley for our #1 Diamond Dawgs.
  • By the way...if you're going to Foley this weekend, you already have a ticket. All three games are sold out. Hopefully mudda nature shines as brightly as the bullpen did Wednesday night.
  • Carvell has the latest in what is the witless wonder's escapades up in the hills. It's a KiffyBaby World, the rest of us are just using the gravitational pull with greater success. And credit the AJC recruiting guy for getting in print what may be the only instance of Laney being humble....albeit in relation to his torso, not his tackle football coaching ability.
  • The Queen rules. Literally. But I wonder if the very hip Obama left any Miles Davis or Snoop Dogg on that music player doohickie.
  • The pissin' contest in Mile High is finally over. And the winner, the fans that really don't care.

Some programming notes: if you are looking for this week's discussion on Athens' battle against trans fat, it's here. And BDBs official welcome to Coach Fox is here.

I'm on vacation as of Friday after lunch, but have a few things in the can that will keep you occupied while I'm away reader. Of course, if Jenn and I don't win our tennis match tonight, she may have me pack the car just to watch it leave without me.

Don't leave me with the lawn to mow. Don't leave me with the lawn to mow!

I'll leave ya with this: a month ago tomorrow, I laid out the facts for ya reader. I posed the possibility that Evans could be at the table with pocket jacks or trying to draw into a flush. I think he has four clubs and as a fanbase we'll wait to see what the river card turns up.

And hopefully it doesn't come up Eustache. Happy weekend!



Bill in Sandy Springs said...

I was watching the Clemson game on CSS and I noticed that Kudzu Hill had some inhabitants. Is Kudzu Hill back open?

Bernie said...

I'm not sure if it's open or just being ignored by "enforcement" officials. But since they're selling out some games with increased regularity, it may be open as a necessity.

Anonymous said...

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