Friday, April 17, 2009

Public Relations Checkmate

I'm big on rules, as you could probably tell from the usual Friday post. They keep things in order and in general, prevent absolute mayhem.

But Michael Carvell at the AJC has me convinced that if I were in CMRs shoes I would not only be wiggling my toes freely but would also be about to break a rule.

As Carvell points out, KiffyBaby is treating rules as if they were chicken bones in Cujo's dinner bowl. What a stark contrast it would be if CMR thumbed his nose at some ridiculous NCAA rule and attended Chris Burnette's graduation ceremony anyway?

On one hand you have a "coach" lobbying for 5 star prima donnas at all costs, and on the other you have a proven winner clearing an absurd hurdle in order to be in attendance at what will be a defining moment in a future Dawg's life.

A moment that transcends anything that will happen on the football field. 

All in the name of academics. The consequence would certainly be minimal. But the result could be a firestorm of support and positive PR.

And no one has to lose their shirt.


William Neilson Jr. said...

The best way to shut him up is to beat him

Meyer will slam UT. Richt should beat UT and if he doesn't, we have no room to blast Kiffin anymore

UT has no QB whatsoever

Bernie said...

Yes, methinks a voWel first down is going to be celebrated richly this season.

In other news.....I hate orange.

Bernie said...
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Bernie said...

AppleDawg -

also found this earlier post that agrees with your sentiments.