Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Headlines

Knowshon, Staff and MoMass go on the first day of the NFL Draft and plenty of deserving Dawgs laying in the rough, ready to be discovered as diamonds.....speaking of which...
  • BryMass (no relation to Mo) hit three (that's - 3!!) HRs in Oxford, but the Diamond Dawgs fell victim to a late rally. Rebels even the series heading into Sunday's 2:30pm rubber matchup. 
  • Good to know the large Rebel crowds aren't hurting the Dawg bats...but sure would be nice to win this series.
  • TotalUGA has some good quotes from 24 on being drafted and the process/experience as a whole.
  • And being in NewYorkNewYork didn't sway The Telegraph's Hale from getting some reaction from CMR on Saturday's Draft proceedings.
  • Unable to recreate the drama of Friday's come-from-behind victory, the mens' tennis team fell 4-1 to Tennessee.
Gonna try to work in a daughter's soccer game in between more Dawg draft selections. Gotta keep up the rep as Dad o' the Year! 

Enjoy the beautiful Sunday Reader.


William Neilson Jr. said...

The pitching for our team gets downright embarrassing at times

Blowing the lead Saturday was a joke

#1 teams are supposed to hold it down

Bernie said...

Guessing someone else will occupy that #1 spot this week....