Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tri Lambdas Threaten to Lay Down a Bunt

You may see these guys on 316 sometime Tuesday afternoon.

Danny Hall brings his Ti-85 wielding, pocket protecting NATS yeller jackets to Foley this evening. It's the first game of the season between the two teams after the first scheduled game in Atlanta was rained out March 25th.

It's also the wrecks first visit to Athens since being ousted from the NCAA Regionals back in June; a two game series in which the Dawgs outscored the helluvaengineers 24-6. Too bad they couldn't engineer a strong outing from one of their starters. 

They tossed the ball like abuncha pimps from Ahmedabad. And no word yet who this guy will be taking the field for.

Let's just hope Perno's #1 Dawgs continue their dominance..... otherwise those algorithmic beeatches could rock all night...


Helluva Engineer said...

So sorry we had to go all Poindexter on you pups. Now quit peeing on my sliderule and get back in your kennel where you belong.

Bernie said...

This Dawg enjoyed that almost as much as your statistical analysis of last June's Regional in Athens. See ya May 12th Poindexter.

And I thought the sliderule was a wedding reception dance...??