Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome to Stegeman Coach Fox eager, deserving fan base awaits.

Bernie's take:

  • the swing and miss at Anderson takes away from this hire most of the shine
  • the time Evans had, the very public and debated hiring of a search firm, the telling omission of Grant for the interviewees list, the ridiculous rumorings of Capel and the size of the checkbook Evans was working from made this hire a spectacle early and often
  • Fox is a quality hire that reflects where this program is on the college basketball landscape: eager to dunk (Anderson), settling for a modest layup (Fox) and avoiding the turnover (another year of Felton)
  • I'm eager to find out details of the deal
  • Terrance Moore is NOT gonna like this one at all

Reader, link yo'self!
PWDs rundown (plus a plethora of comments, most of which are coherent)


MikeInValdosta said...

Bernie, your finger remains on the pulse of the degreed Dawg Nation.

Bernie said...

Brother...that finger never slips. : )

Anonymous said...

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