Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WhaddaYa Have on Draft?

Great piece by Jensen on CJ Byrd over at TotalUGA. Remember how Byrd stole the show in front of every NFL exec who had flown into Athens to see Stafford and Moreno? Well, now he's getting ready to hunker down with family and friends in hometown N. Augusta, SC and see which team liked him best. 


dean said...

I always hope former dawgs go to the pros and do well but since I live in Edgefield (about 30 minutes from North Augusta)I have a increased interest in CJ. Being local and all. I'm really pulling for CJ to make it. Plus he's a good kid and DGD.

William Neilson Jr. said...

I have given up watching ESPN and the NFL channel about the draft

The stupidity I hear about Stafford is staggering

People use some incorrect adjectives about him and it spreads like wildfire.

It is obvious very few saw more than a few downs of MS in college