Saturday, April 25, 2009

WhaddaYa Have on Draft? Part IV

Where will Knowshon go?
With Stafford outta the way at #1, and looks at Byrd and Irvin in the books....the question many Dawg fans will be wondering this afternoon as the draft starts is exactly where their beloved energizer tailback will land.
Much has been made about 24's lack of breakaway speed. Much has also been made about how little that should factor into NFL execs' decisions. But there are two things true Knowshon fans know: he isn't the type to get too caught up in being passed over AND whoever does select him will get a big time player.

After all, what does it matter that a safety can run 24 down if the defender is laying prostate on the turf with two broken ankles? My opinion is that I doubt he falls any further than #21 where the Eagles are perched.

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