Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When pissed....RANT!

As we say on the tennis court, the ball was in their court. The NCAA had an opportunity to do what was right. Coach Richt had pushed for the chance to attend a scholar athlete's graduation. A graduation in which Chris Burnette would be recognized as his school's salutatorian just weeks before reporting to Athens as one of Georgia's prized new freshmen.

But instead of granting a harmless waiver and paving the way for CMR's trip to Troup Co., the NCAA decided to remain the ridiculously inept institution that it is. Worse, they said the decision would have swung the other way had Burnette made valedictorian.


Denying a coach an opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony is asinine at best; to place the blame for the decision on the shoulders of an 18 year old kid who represents everything that is right about the term student-athlete is equivalent to guerrilla warfare...senseless, absurd, baseless.

I still stand alongside Michael Carvell in that CMR should attend Burnette's moment anyway. Take a stand for academics as the figurehead for athletics in the state of Georgia. Applaud a home grown stellar student and gladly accept whatever pompous, minuscule punishment the NCAA hands down.

This Dawg would gladly accept that infraction. Feel free to rant with me...it's an honest way to deal with cowardly acts of inhumanity. And it'll do until I can come up with something better.


Alan Ashley said...

I'm pretty sure CMR applied for the wavier.

William Neilson Jr. said...

Why would anyone be surprised or angry?

Did anyone expect differently?

This is the NCAA...how many times have we seen the NCAA do something so completely stupid that you are just at a loss of rules?

I see it yearly

Bernie said...

hmmm...reminds me of the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Mackie said...

I went to Alan Ashley's blog and saw a picture of him without a shirt on...that is one hairy dude. (this is by no means related to your post, sorry)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be anonymous, but can't figure out how to post otherwise --ED

PS please don't wear any wifebeaters Alan ;)

Anonymous said...

An ALTA (Tennis) Magazine in Atlanta had a question about making an opponent forfeit as she was ten minutes late to the court for the match. The rule says you forfeit. Where was she? On the NEXT court as working as a nurse taking care of a heart attack victim until EMT arrived and took him away! Amazing. Wonder whatt he NCAA would have said? "Yes Forfeit!! Can't have the rules bent to save lives, where would that lead us?? Anarchy I say." "I am Myles Brand and I approved this insanity!!"

Bernie said...

Anon 3:21 great tennis analogy, pretty much sums it up.

Anon 4:06/ED just select name instead of Anon...I think.