Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dawgs Splatter Bug Guts on Ted's Lawn

While it wasn't the blowout Bernie predicted, the Diamond Dawgs continued to gather some momentum heading into their SEC regular season finale this weekend in Chickumbia with a 7-5 victory over the nerd herd in the Spring Baseball Classic for Kids.

Hank Aaron left the keys under the mat, so the teams played this one at Turner Field. It gave a few Dawg players a glimpse of a stadium they may play in professionally someday soon, as a Brave or a visitor. And it gave some yeller jackets a chance to play in front of more people than their parents. 

In unrelated news, I left Bob Horner some cheez wiz and a couple of empty beer cans in case he's thinking about a comeback. In even more shocking news, the jackets' fans may have actually included a handful of alumni.

The event was spectacular as usual and went off without a hitch...except that the crew who set the scene for the kid (sorry, missed his name but got the picture) to throw out the first pitch. As they're clamoring for him to throw the ball he looks at them and shows his empty right hand... and emptier glove.

A wonderful reminder that you can learn more from kids than you think. To throw a pitch, you need a ball. 

  • Justin Earls - the game's MVP came in as relief for starter Cecil Tanner who struggled with control issues; Earls shut down the jackets, retiring nine of the ten batters he faced (the one who reached used an error to do so) in three scoreless innings
  • The guy who sat behind me, who evidently would like everyone to know that we need to play better than we have the last couple of weeks. Thanks...I appreciated the reminder every inning.
  • Bryce Massanari - two run jack forced a lot of nerds to shut their trap while others quickly calculated the distance based on trajectory, friction and some other crap
  • Ms. Wendy for making the trek downtown. She continues to be a good role model for Ainsley and make all preschool parents proud.
  • Matt Cerione - clutch hit in the fourth plated two and a sensational throw to the plate caught a little poindexter getting greedy in the third
  • over 24,000 fans was enough for the sixth largest regular season crowd to see a collegiate baseball game and the second largest ever for the Spring Classic
  • Lyle Allen - went 3 of 4 with the game's biggest hit in the top of the 9th to break the 5-5 tie; for a motion picture of the highlight, check out this superb video that captured some exclusive yet mysterious footage of the left field stands

Suspensions - just one, for the beer guy that never came back with a cold Bud in the fifth.

Diamond Dawgs resume action this weekend against the Gamecocks, however it's a Thursday - Saturday series. So adjust your calendar accordingly.


MikeInValdosta said...

Dang, Bernie. I think Horner just broke his wrist going for your cheese whiz.

Bernie said...

Well, we'll just have to put him on the DL and put Chambliss in the cleanup spot.

Kasie said...

Great video - didn't know Peter had to dodge the ump too to make it home -

Bernie said...

Yeh, not sure why the guy was all over the baseline to make the call at third. Then he made the right call to score Allen (IMHO)...too bad he was overruled.