Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Every Rose Has Its Thorn....

...and Big Ten Commish Jim "Logic Has No Place Here" Delaney is evidently a prick. The conference head honcho has given JoePa an irreverent ...with all due respect...

[To clarify for you Reader, the Big Ten is actually made up of eleven tackle football teams. To add one more would put them on a "level" playing field with other conferences like the SEC, Big 12, ACC...and would evidently change the conference's name to the Big Ten+2.]

Recently the aged yet sharp as a tack Nittany Lion HC lambasted his own conference for not adding a 12th team and in due order, a conference championship game. His arguments were as pointed as they were salient:

*  Big Ten teams finish their season weeks ahead of other conferences who have the CCG
*  The Big Ten sucks in its own premier bowl (no Rosey wins since the last millennium)
*  The Big Ten sucks in BCS games (see Ohio State, BCS bust)
*  Why not take a bite of the pie the SEC has been enjoying since the early '90s?

Delaney, non-plussed, argued that both of his hips are natural. Paterno pestered further:  Everybody else is playing playoffs on television...you never see a Big Ten team mentioned, so I think that's a handicap.

This from a man who has used a cane in transportation...Delaney should lend an ear. Instead he points out that the ACC and WAC CCGs have been played to crowds rivaling some high school orchestra concerts. Delaney argues: Has it (the CCG) enhanced the competitiveness of the WAC? I don't know

Hypodermically speaking, who would the Big 11 add? JoePa suggests raiding the Big East for Rutgers, Syracuse or Pitt. Delaney evidently still has the hots for Notre Dame, "...there aren't a lot that could bring so much to make the choice an easy one."

Yeh, but what are their orchestra programs like?

JoePa says, "Can you hear this?"

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