Friday, May 29, 2009

From Destin With Love...

SEC coaches were destin'd to make some headlines...

Master planner, Laney "Cookies" Kiffin showed up at the league meetings with bells on. Turns out making an ass of himself and a mockery of the program with the to hire him was all part of a grand scheme

I won't rehash the quotables for you, but it basically boiled down to: I make plan. Make Daddy happy.

So when the voWels are floundering in SEC East obscurity, our dear hillbillys can thank Al Davis for setting this scheme in motion. In related news, KiffyBaby also asked media members if they would like to buy some beachfront condos with indoor plumbing in Knox County.

What an oxymoron. The good news in all this is that Corch Meyer is as ornery as toddler slinging peas. Not in the cute YouTube way either. More like the I just cleaned the floor and this brat is painting it green kind of way.

If you're a get that.

Friday Feedbag
  • Long overdue, but congrats to Nama for finishing last weekend's SCAN Foundation's 5K Run/Walk. If Bernie hadn't used a well hidden Segway half-way through, Nama would have easily walked away with (another) free-t-shirt. 
  • So what's worse that losing you're cheatin' coach to college roundball's most storied program?...being that storied program.
  • Diddy...sit on these hot coals for a little while longer.
  • It took nearly two centuries, but Georgia Sports Blog found a way to celebrate gamechicken athletics.
  • Weiszer discovered that CMR feels a little "weird" at the head of table this week. Spurrier reportedly tried to sit in Richt's chair, but SEC bylaws reserve it for a coach who actually has a QB on roster. 
  • Lots of great stuff from Hale this week as he clearly has made the most from his travel allowances. He's got a good blog post on how (vastly) different CMR and Slurban are when it comes to handling criticism, a piece on what it's like to prepare for a daunting schedule (something floriDuh's coach knows nothing about as well) and a great interview with '09 signee Jordan Love.
  • As for next year's recruits, TotalUGA has two (free) reports on a couple of stud GA players.
  • The WLOCP has been a hot topic for the crapfest that is the AJC the past month. CMR is now mum. This Bulldog Illustrated post about sums up how I feel. 
  • Outside the hedges, spring sports' post-season play has commenced. The women's softball team dropped their opening game in the CWS out in Oklahoma City. Perno leads his team out of the dugout today at noon. And the men's golf team is surviving the new NCAA format up in Ohio...barely.
  • And Exhile has discovered that NBC thinks John Salley is actually a celebrity. Supposedly, the former tech hoopster even took his own entrance exam for the reality tv series.

I made my usual $5 weekly donation to GA 
Lottery funds last week. Since I am typing this still under the weight of a mortgage, you can surmise that I also made a donation this week. 

But, as luck would have it I found a genie's lamp last weekend and my first wish was granted.

It was hard to focus through my fly eyes, but I was able to see Slive throw two empty tylenol bottles at the Mouth from tha Outhouse, yelling This is what you've done to me!!  The SEC head honcho then handed out some serious benjamins before I had to skedaddle. That reptilianTweebot lover was eyeing my perch on the wall while showing his tongue.

I sure do hope Charleston Southern School for the Blind Nuns scores a touchdown on those gators.

Oh well, better shut this down before I get pulled for another BUI. Enjoy your weekend Reader. Whether you earned it or not.


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