Saturday, May 16, 2009

Headlines Painted Red and Black

Heading out to coach my last soccer game....maybe ever. While the little lady's upstairs making sure all the pigtails are straight, I'll give ya some Dawg flavored headlines.
  • Mr. CFB likes Tech better 'n us. But just barely, so reholster you Ti-85s nerds.
  • Remember back in Jacksonville in '07 when Trinton Sturdivant shook his (BIG!!) moneymaker after Knowshon's TD and we danced all over their arses the rest of the afternoon into the evenin'? Well, the womens' tennis team showed no "love" for the gators yesterday.
  • While we're reminiscing, the Diamond Dawgs had developed a little momentum going into their last regular season series against USC (the fake one). Now...not so much. Series and regular season finale is today at 1:05 pm. Then it's back home to see what develops.
  • The softball team fared much better in Chapel Hill though. Christie Hamilton helped the Dogs to a 6-0 victory over home town UNC.
  • And the mens golf team is taking dead aim.
  • Lastly, I've told ya Reader about Rex Robinson's new blog. Well now it has a face-lift and a new name that is about as perfect as that kick against Kentucky back in '78. Go on over and get his opinion on the whole Jacksonville, neutral site argument.
Gotta go put a team of Mia Hamm wannabes back in their place. Then I'm thinking the grill may need to be fired up. Gotta love weekends!

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