Friday, May 22, 2009

Hoover Doesn't Suck, Buffaloes Crap Their Pants and Orson Completes Me

It's a Holiday Weekend Chargrilled 
Watermelon-Cooled Edition Reader!

My humble blawg was trampled earlier this week and I've spent the last few days cleaning up the dung. When you're averaging one (singular) reader a day and suddenly are averaging nearly 

50 an hour...well, I eventually figured sumpin' wuz up. Turns out some Colorado football fans caught wind of a post a couple of weeks ago relating to our Dawgs possibly moving an away game to the GA Dome and link'd it to a message board thread.

So I learned that buffaloes are a paranoid breed. They not only remember being 27 point underdogs in '06 and only losing by one, but it is a brightly colored feather they have stuck in their cap. The thought of not getting a crack at Joe Cox and Jeff Owens' successors in their own stadium is filling 'em full of false bravado.

And as much as I welcome visits and clicks, getting link'd at a site entitled isn't a feather for my cap. Watch your step. I think I missed a pile.
Saddle's a three day weekend-sized...

Friday Feedbag
  • Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall will undergo a transformation over the next year and a half. For you visual learners, back in January PWD found this rendering.
  • Let's see - KiffyBaby's assistant has about as much of a grasp of NCAA compliance as the wonder genius himself. Yep! That about adds up. But this story begs the question: what the hell kinda map is the UT AD trying to refold?
  • TotalUGA has a look at Coach Fox's newest roster addition.
  • Diamond Dawgs earn a relaxing Friday afternoon by advancing in dramatic style over the hogs. Alex McRee will take the mound Saturday and lead the Dawgs in facing the winner of today's S. Carolina/LSU game.
  • First he destroys Urbie's MNC trophy. Then he spurns every major program in the country to come to Athens. Now Orson's waxing so poetic I'm recalling lines from the end of Jerry Maguire. Mr. Charles, you had me at Go Dawgs!
  • For you Nittany Lion fans that were worried JoePa was ruffling too many feathers...well, he's now back to toeing the company line.
  • No doubt inspired by Bernie's skills in the first round of the USTA playoffs, Nate Schnugg has advanced to the NCAA round of 16 in singles while surviving the opening round in doubles with partner Jamie Hunt. On the women's side, Chelsy Gullickson has also advanced.
  • Slurban calls this "adapting". I'm with the anonymous SEC rival coach, and hope it's "disastrous." And I guess we can safely assume the anonymous coach wasn't the Kif'ster. For one, he's not clever enough for that high a level of humor. Two...well, it's pretty obvious isn't it? 
  • Doc Saturday echoes sentiments expressed here and abroad before, but in a way that is full of class and realism. There are readers out there who will throw up in their mouth a little when they read this...but I'd rather have CMR w/o the MNC, than have Slurban w/ his two.
  • And don't even think about questioning my seriousness in that statement; I mean it from the bottom of my Dawg heart. CMR is more than a coach for our program, he's a man all alumni can look up to with pride. And he'll be here as long as we'll have him. Maybe it's the bright orange shoes and the pretty scripted helmet, but I just don't see it in Corch Meyer.
  • Lastly, if you enjoy The Office half as much as I do, you'll appreciate this timeline of events in the history of our favorite paper company. Guess I waited too late to replenish my supply of dot matrix paper...

Don't forget that free t-shirts are being given away tomorrow at the 3rd Annual Skin Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk to any participants who finish ahead of Bernie. Those that finish behind him can hand over their self-respect at the finish line. So wake up, drive down, lace 'em up...and you're all but guaranteed to be rewarded.

After that there's a full weekend of family fun, relaxation and some char-grilled goodness planned. In between, I'll be keeping an eye on Hoover and doing some vehicle shopping 
evidently. Sure hope the Diamond Dawgs transmission isn't slipping like the one in my Dodge Ram. So it sounds like a good weekend to give the oven some time off. Afterall, who eats meatloaf on Memorial Day?

God bless those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Bend a knee, say a prayer, raise a glass - or do all three. 

Have a weekend Reader.


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