Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KiffyBaby Shows Soft Side & Still Sells Recruit Short

Daniel Hood has come a long way. At 13 he was involved in a heinous crime and paid his dues as a juvenile. Between then and now, the kid has turned his life around.

Honors student. Stellar prospect at D-end. Most importantly, he's now a young man of great character that is vouched for by numerous sources in his life and community.
As a result of his hard work and character makeover, his victim wishes him well and the brand spankin' new Vol coaching staff offered him a chance at SEC level competition.
Kudos, Mr. Hood. But why would KiffyBaby make this comment: Everyone spoke highly of Daniel. He's a bright young man who wants to move past this incident and be a good representative for the team, the university and the community.

Move past this incident...?? Sounds to me like Hood HAS moved past the incident. Maybe those in Knutsville should move past the incident. Also sounds like KiffyBaby could learn some things from his newest signee.

What exactly? I don't know...things like how to be a good representative for the team, the university and the community.

I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'.

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