Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - No Chin Charlie is Over-Stimulated

Slurban says I'm full of it. Well, more specifically he calls the Visor out. 

Turns out he's happy in the swampland and my theory about his exit was completely idiotic, slanderous and full of crap. Probably why I wrote it.
The fact is that this rumor is gonna be out there until Weis is fired, replaced by another coach and the Meyers still reside in gatorsville. I admit it's illogical. He's already turned them down. floriDuh is a better program. And with the success he's had, those jorters will feed his monstrous ego until he's done with coaching or his vanity mirror surrenders, whichever comes first.
And now that I think about it, Touchdown Jesus might frown on the overly liberal use of timeouts that Meyer likes to employ.
Stay classy Urban Crier. Divided or not, the gator nation needs your leadership. Not to mention your ties to the local law and order.

Today's Ingredients:
  • GeorgiaDogs has the 2009 outlook posted for the red and black gridiron gang.
  • Papa Bowden is gettin' awfully ornery about his program's hand slap in the wake of FSUs academic scandal. I can relate to being competitive with JoePa about the most wins thing, but obsessing about it to the point that you suggest it's all a result of the Seminole-NCAA PC thing is absurd. (h/t Senator)
  • Amidst all the Donnan debate last week there was a lot of disagreement, but always one thing most agreed on: Donnan's signature win was the overtime thriller on the Plains. Unequaled UGA historian Magill agrees. He also goes on to argue that were it not for two bad (I mean really bad) calls against tech, Donnan could still be a Dawg.
  • Weiszer has a piece on how the Dawgs' deep LB core will be used more this fall. And given Washington's performance at end during G-Day, not a big surprise.
  • Want more LB? Hale has one up that gets down to the heart of the matter.
  • Diamond Dawgs were swept by a buncha chickens. Ugh! The fact that my weekend appointment calendar kept me from witnessing the misery now seems like a blessing. Next up: Ole Miss in Hoover.
  • The mens tennis team made it to the NCAA Elite Eight out in College Station before losing to Texas while the softball team played themselves into a Super Regional up in Chapel Hill.
  • Mama Langley provides this link to a nice story on former Dawg John Kasay. I took Greek Lit with Kasay during the spring of our senior year. He took a few days away from Homer to work out for NFL teams before the draft. Turned out to be a good decision. And I think he still got an A. Guess I shoulda sat next to him.
  • Lastly, Battle Hymn Notes takes a look at the new South and discovers that a power shift may be afoot.

Back in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus, Obama actually had the stones to address issues like abortion during his commencement address over the weekend. Catholic crowd, largely pro-life...seems to add up to good timing.

On the plus side though, word from South Bend is the rock star Prez then actually laid hands on Coach Weis and implored him to set aside his own stimulus package - a wagon load of twinkies and Mountain Dew.

For real. Ease off the fried chicken and bon-bons big guy. Now that Corch Meyer is fully committed to his Go Gator! (wink wink...), the Golden-domers need you now more than ever.

And you need a fork so you can stick it. Enjoy your Monday.


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