Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Second Fiddle and Proud of it

After cooking, cleaning, pampering and shopping to make the little lady's weekend more special than the average one, I'm convinced they should have one of these Day's for Dads. You know, as long as Hallmark approves.

And it never fails...Dads can go to all the trouble of fixing the perfect meals, providing breakfast in bed, dropping a few dimes on some nice earrings...only to get upstaged by the kids, his own flesh and blood. 

Raise your hand if something similar happened to you.

Saturday morning, Ainsley took the opening kick on the pitch, touched it twice and buried the ball in the back of the net. By the time she turned her eager smile towards Jenn and shook those pigtails while providing her trademark thumbs-up, I knew everything I could add to the weekend's fare was equivalent to second fiddle.

Then Sunday morning, Conner takes her flower pot full of tulips (made entirely out of construction paper and Elmers), each with a chore scribbled on it that the seven year old pledges to perform at a moment's notice. You'd think after seven years the kid would've realized that her momma doesn't cook, clean or feed the dog.

Ignorance is bliss. But despite it all, I wouldn't trade any of it in for a minute's worth of labor. It's good to be the dad.

Mama's Ingredients
  • CMRs team has three fewer players for the first two games, two less players for the first half of the season and one less player for the entire season. All together now....UGH!!
  • Herschel partnered back up with fake face on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice. As usual he was teh awesome. But if you want the results of the show you'll have to find them yoOWNself.  Blogging ain't paying the bills and that show was on late.
  • Mr. Buchanan over at makes a convincing argument for Herschel as the best RB in college football history. I realize you didn't need reminding of this Reader. But - you know, for all those heathens out there. (h/t Senator)
  • In 1978 he made over 88% of his FG attempts as a Dawg, so it's really no wonder that his first blog post was nailed right through the uprights...
  • The Diamond Dawgs only managed one win over the weekend. PWD wonders how they ever won 33. Lollygag on over...I'll wait here.
  • Here is Jim's weekly SEC baseball update.
  • In this guy's defense, I hear his students REALLY needed to chill out...
  • Nick Montana has great genes AND he's trimmed his list of possible suitors.  Brett Jensen has the latest in his courtship. (subscription required)
  • Could Sam Keller be a bigger tool? (question is rhetorical, please don't look for corresponding poll)

Most bloggers might be shaken by the fact that their moms comment on their posts. Personally, I welcomed it. If nothing else it provided an opportunity to clear up some broken lamp issues both in Athens and in Illinois. And for those who were concerned, Bernie's mom had a great Mother's Day full of Dad's grilling, Hailey and non-collect phone calls.

Congrats to the mens and womens tennis teams for advancing to the round of 16 in the NCAAs. The women defeated Boise St (I know right?....I didn't know there was tennis in Idaho either) and the men defeated VA Tech. Play resumes Thursday and Friday respectively.

Speaking of play resuming, see everyone out at Turner Field Tuesday night for the Georgia/yech baseball game. All proceeds go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. If the Diamond Dawgs don't bring some pitching, hitting and fielding...Bernie will be the one being escorted out around the seventh inning stretch.

Plummet from 1st to 5th in the SEC standings in a matter of weeks - bad. Lose to NATS again - worse!

Here's a napkin Reader. Happy Monday and all that.



King of New York Hacks said...

Unfortunately Hallmark will NEVER approve of such a day. LOL

Bernie said...

That groundhog gets all the glory....%#$!% rodent!

Jane said...

WaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to go Ainsley and Conner on the soccer (nice move) and the special gift (you should see some things your dad made at 7)- that my grands! But especially kudos to the upstaging! See you Fri.
Oh, and there were No collect calls-just paid for ones! Your MAMA

Bernie said...

Good to hear Mom. Sounds like after thirty-(AHEM!) years....that little brother done grow'd up!