Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - A Ride By Shooting at the Glue Factory

Any moment now...West Side Bernie is going to finish the Kentucky Derby. You just watch...

I spent a good deal of time during the hors-douerves portion of supper club touting the dominance my pony was about to show the rest of the field. Perhaps it was the first six or so mint julips, but I was feeling pretty confident.

And numbers like THIRTY TWO to ONE could do nothing to sway me. West Side Crips would show those geldings how we roll in Compton.

But when West Side Bernie trotted out in front of Bob Costas without the blue doo rag....well, I knew he was closer to glue than glory. I guess our gangsta style doesn't translate well in the land of calculating by fingers and coloring outlines the lines. Cuz that IS how dey roll in kenYUCKy.

Some even bigger longshot ran away with the roses after a host of jockeys helped pave the way. It still bewilders me how pretty much every horse gave Mind That Bird the rail the last 3/4 mile. Ainsley coulda won that race on her Barbie Bigwheel.

In the end, it's always easier to lose a little folding money than your dignity (see below for Diamond Dawg update). Perhaps the Belmont will prove a more friendly surface for my colt.

Today's Ingredients
  • It will be interesting to see how Perno's Pups react to being stripped of their bark. Of course playing as the lead Dawg hasn't been great as of late, especially for the bullpen. But getting swept by the gators at Foley is the lowest we've been this season. Three leads. All blown.
  • Coach Fox is settling into his new digs quite nicely. David Hale has a nice wrapup of what he's been up to and what's ahead.
  • Rennie Curran has been the consummate collegiate football player. Weiszer has some thoughts from Curran after last weekend's draft that fit quite nicely into his 5' 10.5" frame.
  • In case you missed it, here's a great little story that speaks volumes about the character that Knowshon possesses.
  • The Senator summarizes Slurban's latest temper tantrum. Will someone tell that guy that winning the MNC actually affords him more opportunity to take the higher road?
  • Exhile takes Congressman Barton's subcommittee hearing to task. Ladies and gentlemen...your tax dollars at work.
  • Catfish and Cornbread are counting down the days...
  • Tim Tucker reports that today is the day Munson gets his due.

Overall, a rough weekend sports-wise with the Foley sweep and longshot win from the Derby. If it weren't for my pony-tail'd Mia Hamm clones the weekend would've been a total loss. Seriously, watching five year olds do bicycle kicks on the pitch is an impressive sight to behold.

So some mad props to the Green Machine, Mallory for earning both ribbons in her three goal performance and to Conner for being the only little girl not to scream like one when it rained during the second half. Amid the thunder, lighting strikes and ping-pong ball sized hail she was ready for more action while everyone else ran for the parking lot full of mini-vans ...with or without their child.

And snaps in the Trammell's direction for the Derby Party. The only thing more solid than a Cord muddled Mint Julip is Meg's Kentucky Hot Browns. But the Supper Club MVP is still Erin, who refuses to leave the kitchen sink. Go ahead...try and get that dish towel out of her hands.

Stick a fork in it Reader. Call it a lunch.


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