Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Mutha Throwing the Dawgs a Bone...??

Yesterday I complained some about adding New Mexico State to the '11 schedule. My controlled fury was two-fold: I want to see higher caliber opponents 'tween the hedges and beyond, AND we're paying the Aggies nearly a full Mega Millions jackpot for the Sanford Stadium win.

Well, Mr. CFB has a column today that in part explains the exorbitant fee. For some reason he also asks who's the better WR, Julio Down by the Schoolyard Jones or our own AJ Green


But there's an even better column in the AllJackCrap today by Tim Tucker. He recently dialed up Mr. Atlanta Sports hisOWNself, Gary Stokan to get some clarification on the possibility of Georgia playing a season opening game in the GA Dome (see Bama Ending Tommy's Career).

Much of Tucker's interview plays out as expected, but there were a couple parts that had my undivided attention. Like when he explores the possibility of the game taking the place of a more distant road trip:

So Stokan thinks a game at the 72,000-seat Georgia Dome could make sense for the Bulldogs some year in lieu of a distant trip. He sees the game not as a replacement for a home game in 92,000-seat Sanford Stadium - but as a replacement for a road game to which UGA would get unlimited tickets.

By unlimited I assume he means our portion of the agreed allotment and any that Trojan fans don't want to use September 4th, 2010. Those of course are my words and not Stokan's. But we do have a slot open for a non-conference opponent on that date. However, we would need some flexibility from the University of Colorado.

Back to Stokan's words:

"You try to work with schedules...Does something make sense where someone would move something back to allow something else to happen?"

Enter the Mutha. Usually, what ESPN wants....ESPN gets.

Stay tuned.

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