Friday, May 15, 2009

Pahokee and Political Correctness... their ugliest.

The steamy affair between KiffyBaby and Pahokee may have reached its apex this week. It truly is a love-hate relationship: the voWel head coach loves the community's players, and the community hates that their sons are considering trading in their jorts for overalls.

Bernie reached an actual Pahokeean by phone to confirm that the Lake Okeechobee denizens actually do NOT know how to operate a fax machine. Unfortunately, we were disconnected before I could finish Hello, my name is Bernie and I am a bloggerrr...

Lil' Kiff has issued an apology from the bottom of his seat pants, but it's as if it is being met with deaf ears. Or maybe it's just that the average IQ in Pahokee rises into triple digits, unlike Knutsville where it fails to sniff 70.

Maybe they should all take a page from the North Dakota Board of Higher Ed, which yesterday decided to remove the hostility from the University of North Dakota's nickname and logo. No longer will the school be known as the Fightin' Sioux. Instead, the North Dakota Southern Canadians will invade Lubbock September 5th.

Awesome. It's so nice when we can all get along.

Friday Feedbag
  • Since his ears refuse to fit inside a studio headset, Tuberville will instead bide his time until his next HC gig as an SEC analyst for a website,
  • I take back everything I said yesterday regarding the Slurban to South Bend crap. The last thing I wanna do is stand anywhere near the side of the fence that the Visor is on.
  • I promised Champ I'd do this, like a week and a half ago. You see, he and I go way back to a day back in the late '90s when I shoved some kids aside to get his autograph. It was a real Costanza-like moment for me. After all these years the Tweetosphere reconnected us and it turns out he has his own website, blog and stuff. Kid's done okay.
  • TotalUGA has the latest in the recruitment of Lithonia's Mack Brown. (subscription required)
  • Congrats to Coach Dooley. And kudos to Coach Donnan as well....Dawg fans, it's time to right a wrong and use our Dawg-like powers to get Erk where he belongs. If there ever were a coach who was HOF worthy...ugh! Don't get me started. More on this later.
  • Hale argues that while the pressure is firmly on the Dawg D to improve this upcoming season, the table might also be set.
  • Diamond Dawgs dropped the opener in Chickumbia. But the mens' tennis team held off the Fightin' Illini (evidently PC hasn't dripped down to Ill.) to advance to the quarterfinals.
  • At Georgia Sports Blog, PWD has a look at some projections for the NCAA tourney and Quinton has a tongue-in-cheek look at the Dawgs victory at Turner Field.
  • Robert Marve, the former Miami QB may walk-on for KiffyBaby. Pahokee had no comment.
Went to my five year old's "graduation" from pre-K last night. With all the video cameras and flashes and cell phones in use...I wish I had been a battery salesman.

As the kids walked across the stage to receive their props, the announcer would give their name, where they will be continuing their education next year and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Amidst all the future doctors, superheroes and armymen was one little girl who aspires to be a teenager when she grows up.

It was funny last night Ainsley. I don't know that I'll be laughing when the day arrives however....

I was also shocked to hear that not one of the little boogers wants to be a blogger. What will our future generations do for accurate and unbiased commentary on life's most critical ingredients? Rest assured though Reader. I'll be here until the keyboard withers away from underneath my callused fingertips.

Whether it's good or not...Have a weekend!


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