Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rules IS Rules...but...

Roundtable Wednesday. 
About three months ago I wrote this post recalling the round ball phenom that was Len Bias and his subsequent, premature passing. It was the height of the A-Rod saga, or at least I thought it had reached it's apex.
Since then, we've seen a couple of Dawgs suspended by Coach Richt. The reports seem to match the supposition - failed drug tests. And I was about over it, until a story broke late last week that is related...and should really have Dawg fans wondering.
Jeremy Jarmon failed a drug test. He's a stellar D-end for Kentucky; he's an even better man. Model citizen, holds one degree, working towards another, team leader, community volunteer.
Big news, right? It got even bigger when Jarmon called his own news conference to clear the air. Seems he had decided to drop some weight and visited a local GNC, purchased an OTC product and began taking it.
Jarmon said his goal in the offseason was to become leaner. He bought a dietary supplement while shopping for vitamins on the recommendation of a worker at a nutrition store, not knowing that it contained a banned substance.
Unfortunately, Jarmon skipped a crucial step: he didn't take the product to a trainer until the it was in his system. By the time he was too late.
Then it got worse. Jarmon was entering his last year of eligibility. The mandatory penalty is one season.
Jarmon's collegiate career is now over.
All that to say, this guy buys something over the counter and loses what's remaining of his college career. Other players get caught with an illicit drug in their system and they lose a couple games. What Jarmon did was careless. What Figgins and Houston did was stupid. Jarmon will no longer wear Kentucky blue. Figgins and Houston will grace the field together by mid-season.
Crawford said it best in his editorial:
Yes, Jarmon made a careless mistake. It should not define him. Jarmon is one of those guys whose jersey you could be happy to let your kid wear. Still.
Something doesn't add up. There's not an ounce of me that would condone what Jarmon did. And on Saturday November 21st, I'll be real glad he's not 'tween the hedges. But the NCAA is basically saying to youngsters across the nation that it is one thing to roll a joint....but you best not visit your local GNC.

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