Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday DawgNews

Turns out, Ohio State brought a bag of softballs to Tallahassee. 

The Diamond Dawgs exploded for season highs in runs, hit and total bases on their way to 24-8 weather-delayed butt whoopin'. They'll take on the host Seminoles today at 4pm (tv ESPNU, radio 960theRef).

  • UGAs Track and Field is heading into the weekend tied with Tech in the NCAA East Regional up in Greensboro. Note to readers: always stand behind junior Chris Hill when he's throwing the javelin.
  • Mark Bradley has us losing four games this of which is to NATS. We're meeting at 9pm to go roll his house. Bring at least two rolls of TP and a healthy dose of angst.
  • Damon Evans is bringing home a BIG wad of cash from Destin.
  • Lastly, you may have heard that Erin Andrews wants to wear skimpy outfits and dance around on a reality tv show. Over at Blogging Pantsless, Mackie has you set up with a useful list.
If you have a spare couple a hours and just love being outside in the lawn could use some attention. Preeesheeate it!


MikeInValdosta said...

The dawgs simply own OSU, all of 'em.

Especially the Herbstreet led unit. It still effects Herbie to this day. I understand his children have never been to Orlando. It is just too painful for him.

Bernie said...

Yeh...Herbie and Eddie George earned no buckeyes for their helmet that day.