Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring Baseball Classic for Kids Preview

We'll bring our Easton bats. They'll bring a slide rule. Dawgs. Bug. Athens. N. Avenue. Perno. Hall. Chipper's outta town. Computational Physics exams have been graded. 

Must be time for the Spring Baseball Classic!

Throw out the first pitch at 7:06pm, but throw out the recent skid by the Diamond Dawgs before you hit the Grady Curve. That's not gonna be a factor. 

Poythress totes an Easton bat and swings it with fearless abandon. Records crumble in his wake. Nerds' knees shake like maracas when he approaches the on-deck circle. Women cry, but they're tears of joy. RBIs come so easily for 33, Rich isn't just a name for him...it's a lifestyle.

Cerione has a knack for the dramatic. Ice water flows freely through his veins. He lays out GW hits like he's swatting insects with a rolled up Red and Black in his house. Less print stained guts, but just as lethal.

Wanna talk fearless? Zach Cone's home is full of bug paraphenalia. Dad lettered in tackle football. Mom's a helluva engineer. Brother and his teammates beat us 'tween the hedges back on November 28th. It's an abode ripe with intellectual capabilities, but little color of consequence.

Despite the family's handicaps...Zach's a Dawg. He wears red well. Proudly. 

I feel ya bro'. Let's do this thing. Too lazy to support a good cause Reader? The Ted too far to travel in the middle of a work week? Allergic to short sleeve dress shirts with too many functional buttons?

Then I guess FS South has your hook up. But don't wait up for me. I'll be home late, cuz...


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