Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Synchronize Your Calendars

Happy Cinco de Mayo Reader! It's a good day to enjoy a cerveza and remember that Napoleon III was just a slightly taller version of his uncle, neither of which could hold General Zaragoza's musket.

Friggin' french...

New Mexico State will get a healthy purse to play Georgia 'tween the hedges in November 2011 according to Weiszer. The game sits on the calendar after the WLOCP and before Chizik brings his War Tigers to town, assuming he's
still off the chizzang! If you want to see the projected schedule in brilliant technicolor, sicemdawgs has your hookup.

Not exactly a strong out of conference slate for the '11 season. As PWD points out, maybe we should reevaluate our deal with Louisville as they are a mere shadow of the team we once scheduled.

After all, I was just bashing the lowly reptiles last night as I pored over my new '09 SEC Helmet Schedule in its technicolor brilliance. Chances are TeaBag won't break a sweat until well into October when they head to the bayou. That's right, Slurban's slummin' this fall with teams like Charleston Southern and FIU, not to mention Florida State....after acting all high and mighty this off-season complaining about former QBs turned shock jocks and Chizik's recruiting tools.

Friggin' floriDuh....

Dos mas cervezas por favor. This post was a buzz killer.

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