Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Backfield Battles

Stumbled across this article from enemy territory (h/t bhenry). For Okie State fans, I say let them worry about Jeff Owens...I don't blame them.

But for Dawg fans it begs the question: which position battle are you most worried about, RB or QB? Naturally, when two stars like Stafford and Moreno take all of their TDs and yards to the NFL, it's gonna draw questions all around.

But, for my bottle of antacids...I'm much more concerned about replacing Moreno. Cox is a fifth year senior and has taken the keys from Stafford with a calming influence. His leadership has been evident since September 23, 2006....
CMR has been effusive in his praise of his senior signal caller. And I would expect to see some sets installed primarily for Gray's athletic ability as soon as Stillwater.

I say let the green rub off the freshmen's horns from the sideline this fall. They can carry a clipboard, sport the crew cut....let their canine teeth grow in some more.

But replacing Knowshon is gonna be much more problematic. While Cox won't have a wealth of game experience to draw from on September 5th, he'll certainly have much more overall relative to whoever is in formation behind him.

Logic says a committee approach is in order....but most fans (and coaches) would like to have one feature back; a set of legs to depend on down the stretch and in a pinch.

Feel free to weigh in. is cheap. But it's all we got right now.


MikeInValdosta said...

Bernie, I think we both know outsiders will focus on our ability to "replace", but the real problem we face is in "finding".

Stafford, Moreno and MoMass all need to be replaced. But they we on getting the job done at a high level. Cox has been around and we have great protection. Somebody will get yards at RB behind that line. With Green getting quad coverage the new WR will have a chance.

We must FIND a pass rush. Someone to win their individual battle and feast on the opposing QBs arse. Outside of CB, I really cannot think of a position that requires winning our guy being better than their guy. Especially considering the vanilla d-scheme we are going to run.

MikeInValdosta said...

I should have read that before posting. I must be considering running for congress in Jacksonville.

George Houston said...

The Running Back Position will have some questions for sure. I’m just glad CMR will have all summer to get all of his RBs ready. I think that a wide open completion will push the guys to workout harder this summer and it will make for a better team later in the season.

Mackie said...

To play devil's advocate...

Cox put together a game winning drive against Colorado's defense. your cup half-empty or half-full?

I'd have to say I'm still more worried about our RBs, but only slightly more than our QBs.

Bernie said...

Oh, my glass is always half-full. If we had a RB I knew could p/up a blitz I'd have the two positions on about equal levels as well.

And like the "replace" vs "finding"...kinda defines the difference between football in Athens and on north avenue.

Fred said...

Half empty, half full- Bernie just needs a refill