Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deadliest Catch or HBO? Stardom vs. Success...

...bourbon or sippy straws. Decisions...

I'll be honest and own up to something I'm sure you have already discovered and subsequently ignored...I've been sucking at putting up my weekly discussion topics.

But tonight the wife's upstairs watching some crappy love movie that's been on the DVR since April, I'm out of Deadliest Catch episodes and there's nothing to drink in the kitchen except Evan Williams and Capri Suns.

Looks like the stars have aligned for ya Reader.

I just read the best damn blog post of the off-season and it should be no surprise that it comes from Hale's service station. The Go-To Guys has the perfect mixture of past, present and future. And it contains an analogy that really helps me close the door on the Stafford/Moreno era to ready/steady myself for the upcoming season.

If you haven't read it, you're a freakin idiot! But I link'd ya up anyway. Go on now ya lazy sumbitch. Click and read before you waste anymore of our time.....

As I commented to Hale's post I struggled with my words, in regards to Stafford especially. As opposed to when I commented to this worthless AllJackCrap piece on Stafford's legacy as a Dawg QB. To be quite frank, I don't give a damn if Stafford convinces Kim Jong-il to grow his hair long and sing Kum-Ba-Ya with Winston Churchill...he didn't win a championship.

Back on point, Hale really got me thinking. I mean, Stafford's probably the most talented arm to walk on campus since Lewis Grizzard last covered a game with his pen. But sometimes the abyss between stardom and results can be profound.

We can be reasonably safe in assuming that Zeier suffered from lack of talent around him. And when it did rise up in the fall of '92, the Visor had cheated just enough to steal a win in Jax. Maybe if tha mutha hadn't been so enamored with the Hat, or if Kentucky had closed the door on Philmer's last run in '07, the story would be different on Kiper's Golden Boy.

But we can all agree that something was wrong last season. More accurately, somethings wuz wrong. It wasn't all Martinez's defense, it wasn't all injuries....and it wasn't all because Nama wore the wrong undergarments.
Sure, Stafford succeeding in the NFL can only help Coach Richt and staff on the recruiting trail, but for my donation dollars...gimme Greene, Shockley ...Tarkenton... Belue.

For today however, let's look at the future. Hale intimated that it should bear to reason that having 11 guys on the field with an equal investment in the outcome could make a big difference.

Will inexperience and youthful talent leave us as stranded as Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie was after his engine bailed on him outside of Dutch Harbor in last week's episode?

Or will it taste as good as Evan over ice?

One thing's for sure...Opilio or King's gonna be a great season.

Phone lines are open...


SDawg said...

I think this is a great read on the subject:

MikeInValdosta said...

Evan Williams? Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Personally, I am a Jim Beam man. I was raised on Jack, but I now refuse to drink anything from the wild frontier. I will admit to sipping margaritas from an occasional straw, but only to keep from spilling it on my shirt.

As for Hales's post... I need a few non-Ken types. I am way too easily sent astray, thus the straw.

Speaking of DVR. I have a screw driver, but do not know which wire to cut in order to get HGTV taken out of my house. My wife watches it with pen and pad as she writes her honey-do tome.

Which leads me to Californication. Give it a shot. It will certainly take your mind off those black jerseys and all that funeral talk.

As for Staff and K-Mo, I'll take'em. But from my seat, as soon as the hangover heals they are all Damn Fine Dawgs. Even James Jackson who fails to leave it with the fullback and, well I am not going to go there tonight, but let me just say they need to build some hand rails in that dad gum sky-scraper of a stadium the purple cats play in.

Your reference to the "Wild Stalion" (fr.) gave me pause to look over at Catfish III. She is a damn fine Dog! Just ask the mailman.

As for Z-Man, he had game. I was a Wayne McDuffie fan, loved the offense, thought McDuffie was shafted. Once again, I am in the minority. Corch's timeouts reminded me of that game in the rain with the stench of the ols gator bowl running down the aisles. Man I am glad Lyndsay tore that place down.

As for Belue, another Damn Fine Dawg, I would take Bobo over him.

And with that, and an empty glass, I will leave you with these words:

Bernie said...

Spencer - Legend's post encapsulates every reason we should be proud that #7 was a Dawg. If you were to look back you'd surely see that I've been rather effusive in my praise of him.[] But I still contend that others such as Greene had a presence that Stafford lacked.

Mike - I'd never excuse Jim from my bar. End of the month...choices are as thin as James Jackson's legs. Your points are as finely constructed as a 7am tailgate for a 7:45 kickoff. Sip carefully.

MikeInValdosta said...

I am not allowed to post things on the internets after 9pm. I do not know wha that imposter was last night. Or was this another case of BUI (blogging under the influence)?

Scott said...

I started to go into even more #7 stuff here, before realizing that wasn't the question you asked...I think I'll probably post a follow up/wrap-up post on Stafford tomorrow.

As for your actual topic...I think our offense should be fine, thanks to the strength of the O-line. On defense...well, the defense scares me. We obviously have to get more out of the d-end position, and we have a grand total of THREE non-freshmen CB. That's not comforting.

I honestly think that there is enough talent on this team to really surprise some people. If we can get through the first 5 weeks unscathed (which I think we can, although Stillwater and Fayeteville will both be tough), only Florida seems insurmountable to me.

10 wins and a New Year's Day bowl.