Saturday, June 6, 2009

Greene Can Always Come Home

Reading over Hale's Catching Up with David Greene earlier this week got me thinking about a day...way back in...2004...'tween the hedges...

Some thoughts:
  • not enough shots of Darth Saban
  • Uncle that you singing?
  • I've got a picture of that second Greene to Brown TD autographed by each to my daughters
  • Raiders obviously took pity on Jamarcus after watching film on this game...otherwise I can't explain him being drafted to another team that can't protect the passer
  • Saban coaches DBs...??
  • not enough shots of Saban
  • Thomas Brown can obviously squat two LSU LBs if needed
  • David Greene = DamnGoodDawg
  • Saturday...October comes the Hat
Have a Pollack-sized Saturday Reader. And if you play the lottery...45 and 16 sound like good numbers today.

Just sayin'.