Saturday, June 6, 2009

Greene Can Always Come Home

Reading over Hale's Catching Up with David Greene earlier this week got me thinking about a day...way back in...2004...'tween the hedges...

Some thoughts:
  • not enough shots of Darth Saban
  • Uncle that you singing?
  • I've got a picture of that second Greene to Brown TD autographed by each to my daughters
  • Raiders obviously took pity on Jamarcus after watching film on this game...otherwise I can't explain him being drafted to another team that can't protect the passer
  • Saban coaches DBs...??
  • not enough shots of Saban
  • Thomas Brown can obviously squat two LSU LBs if needed
  • David Greene = DamnGoodDawg
  • Saturday...October comes the Hat
Have a Pollack-sized Saturday Reader. And if you play the lottery...45 and 16 sound like good numbers today.

Just sayin'.


MikeInValdosta said...

Love the shot at Saban coached DBs, but I give all the credit to Greenie. He was a needle threader that day. What a performance!

Most of all, though, I loved how the bengal pussycats got their revenge next year in the UGA Dome. ha

Bernie's dad said...

I remember earlier that year or the next year at Clemson. CU behind 10-0 but driving to the UGA 10 or so, and I turned to you and said, "Oh, my gosh, it's Pollack time and then he sacked the CU quarterback TWICE, then intercepted a pass and ran it back to the UGA 30-something. Pollack was AWESOME, even to us CU Tigers. -- Chris's DAD

Bernie said...

That was '03...and thanks for the ticket! I remember returning to your tailgate victorious, then walking back to the car behind the kid who had been "assigned" to Pollack. As he explained to his dad the task that had been impossible...I couldn't help but wonder: did Tommy Bowden not see the size of Pollack's cape? Shoulda given that kid some help.

And who's Chris? : )