Friday, June 26, 2009

If a Cheerleader Falls Off of a Pyramid...

...does an FIU fan even notice?

Much has been made about UGA Athletics' big bank roll as of late. While it's not true that Damon's visage will grace the new $167 bill, new tv deals and fevered enthusiasm for the programs is adding up to glory days in Butts-Mehre.

Down in Miami however, times is tough and the money is tight. Doc Saturday lets us know that Florida International is cutting their band ...and their cheerleaders.

Seriously, the uniforms are being sold on eBay and the sousaphones are just collecting dust in the back of the band room.


What's even more sad is no one will truly notice. The Golden Panthers averaged just short of 20 fans a game last season. My contact down there says they didn't even get a free hotdog or coke either.

I may be off base here, but if you can actually hear the words a QB uses when he audibles...from the upper deck...well, that would just be anti-climatic.

Then again...maybe FIU don't need no cheerleaders.

Friday Feedbag
  • Some great stuff as usual from Weiszer including a Richard Samuel update, a LB moving exclusively to safety and some sunny news from Joe Cox. The ABH beat writer also provides a recruiting nugget in regards to a safety out of GMC.
  • While we're on the recruiting trail, PWD gives a profile of recent commit Demetre Baker.
  • Courtney Kupets has been nominated for an ESPY, Female College Athlete of the Year. You can help her score another Perfect TEN by voting HERE.
  • That shockwave you felt yesterday was Alabama starting the appeal process.
  • Hale's probably sunburnt by now, but he also has discovered another ally for T. Kyle King's quest to get Erk in college football's HOF.
  • I read this post by the Senator ...and did so between the lines. So I surmise that Corch Meyer is scrapping the spread and taking up sports psychology.
  • You know, now that the AJC is officially just shoving their readers out to other writers for UGA news and notes I don't expect it to be long before I get a call. Surely they'd love to attach the BDB name to one of the Junkyard Blawgger's posts. I'm not taking a subscription as part of the barter though. I have a property value to consider. AllJackCrap sittin' in the driveway thanks. Just gimme whatever Moore was making before he took that job with the circus.
  • Lastly, Mackie has a warning for your Okie State tailgate. If you work for Frito-Lay, make sure you read the comments...

I've had the new iPhone for a week now. The introductory period has gone well. It even helped with this post. And that was after I kicked its ass at Texas Hold Em. Take that Bomdiggidy!!

But I fear I may need a translator to help with the communication between myself and the device. I asked it to play Big Money by Rush the other day and it called my insurance company instead. I then asked Sherry at USAA if she could play anything from Power Windows and she just said those were already covered in my policy.

Mom's has been telling me I mumble for decades now. Jenn's on year 13 of telling me to enunciate. The last thing I need is this Lola the Apple chick making their point for them. I gave her another chance and all of a sudden I was listening to Elton John.

That MUST have come factory installed....I better go get that deleted come to think of it.

Lastly, remember Reader ...if you're in the market for drum major at your local Fourth of July parade, give south florida a ring. They may even throw in a set of pompoms.

Good, great or just okay...have a weekend.


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