Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Some HumpDay Headliners for ya:
  • Word out of Jacksonville is that a deal is deep in the works on an extension to the WLOCP. Prez Adams and UF President Bernie Machen are giving hints...and judging from Weiszer's verbage, sounds as if a decision could come soon.
  • GAWD NO!! Machen and I are no where close to being related. Read the link'd article above. That geezer wants stronger enforcement of open container laws. Nope, he's no relation at all...
  • Mackie comes in with part three of his prediction series. Warning - somehow he goes from Bobby Petrino to a Clubber Lang only he could.
  • Streit's at 73...
  • TotalUGA has an update on Mack Brown's recruitment (subscription required). The best news outta this for me right now is that rookie coach Bryan McClendon is hanging in there with the big boys.
  • And speaking of the RB position, word broke yesterday that Ealey has met requirements after a summer course is in the books.


MikeInValdosta said...

This race to break news only leads to... Bernie

Mackie said...

I'd like to clarify that by no means do I think Bobby Petrino is a Clubber Lang figure.

But lets just say, if Rocky had to fight Clubber Lang one week, Ivan Drago the next, it wouldn't come as a surprise for a little douche like Tommy Gunn to kick Rocky's ass by the 3rd week.

Bernie said...

I have to do something to get you guys to visit. Maybe I drink outta too many open containers.