Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jeff Luc - Don't Piss Him Off....

...or carry the football in his vicinity. Either could be hazardous to your health.

If you've been tuned in lately to CMRs '10 recruiting class, you've undoubtedly noticed that we've picked up a handful of 17 year old nods in Da'Rick Rogers, Michael Bennett and Brent Benedict in the past week. Add to that a LB prospect in Demetre Baker out of Orange Park, FL and the '10 class is beginning to take a good shape.

Earlier this week PWD gave a good writeup to Jeff Luc of Port St. Lucie, Florida. I have to agree that this kid's john hancock would be HUGE.

Take a look:
As you can see, the kid is violent, fast and incredibly athletic.
Probably the reason his is such a sought after signature and
the #1 MLB prospect in the nation. He would be a great
addition to a kickass '10 class and more importantly CWMs

Enough of my's Luc's own words:
“I am going to get to the ball.....I am going to go through
anybody in my way, or step on anybody that gets in my way, to get to the ball. I do ladder drills all the time and my coaches are always working me. We are always working to get better, and we never settle. At times, I just rely on my power and when I hit you I am going to make you feel it. I also love to read the play and then step into the hole and make the hit. My coaches blitz me some and I love to read the key and hit the quarterback flush.”

Want more? Here's PWDs take. And as usual, Jensen's all over it. Kid's looking for a school with a good business program...I'd like to see him take care of some bidness 'tween the hedges.

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