Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Bernie's Varsity Pledge

Darren the Intern here, we're live outside of the Varsity off of Jimmy Carter Boulevard where the atmosphere is buzzing with anticipation. Nearly four people have shown up to hear Bernie's first public remarks since Blogging Pantsless went all defamation on him. We're expecting the blawgger to approach the podium any moment fact, YES! There he is finishing off a last minute chili-cheese burger. He may have even shaved...

Ahem! (...taps microphone which abruptly emits shrill feedback, picks onion from between teeth, straightens tie...) Lady and two guys there at the window is with great humility that I address you today. (Erp!) There is nothing more important to me than my integrity. I've spent a lot of dough to get BDB where it is today. Red Bulls, Pixie Stix and jelly filled doughnuts don't drip into the laptop's keyboard by themselves. Not to mention all the hush money.

Yet I digress...

But four days ago that integrity was thrown to the floor and trampled. I am of course speaking of Mackalicious' ill-conceived and mostly false posting that soiled my somewhat average name. Sure, the reality is that it has little to no impact on our day to day operations.

I have called my reader personally to set the record straight. Unfortunately, it was dinner time and his mom had made tater-tots. He supposed to call me back...sometime.

My pledge to you on this day is to not fall into the gutter that this Mackie fellow dwells in. I will continue to bring you the latest in half-assed posts and ridiculous ramblings that you have come to ignore quite frequently.

Now if one of you will kindly give me a ride, my Eco-green, Al Gore signature moped's in the shop and I have an appointment at the eye doctor.

Today's Ingredients
  • In honor of Father's Day, some nice readings on Marcus Washington over the weekend. Here's one from UGAs Athletic site, and here's another from Hale. For the deleted scenes, click here.

  • Great event over the weekend at Woodruff that hundreds enjoyed, All Pro Dad's Bulldog Father and Kids Experience. Those in attendance enjoyed seeing CMR do a TD celebration "dance" and even caught a glimpse of Falcons' DC Van Gorder. Truett Cathy spoke, which was exciting for me as a long time admirer of his. But the highlight was just spending time with the kids and other Dawg Dads. Here are some thoughts.

  • Derek Owens is the latest to commit to CMR and ensures all around the southeast that the state of FL is indeed a pipeline state. TotalUGA has a video of Owens, and as usual...all videos are free.

  • Cord reports that there were some Californians trying to tailgate with HamDogs at a (get this) game. Hope they didn't run out of cucumbers or avocado.
  • Scott Howard and Eric Zeier will remain side by side in the booth this fall. The move didn't surprise me...and in that way it pleased me.
  • As the smoke clears from the corner of Lumpkin and Clayton, PWD wants to know what your favorite memory is. He also has some telling pics up, part one...part two.

  • Still have that sinking feeling in your pit from those losses last fall to floriDuh and NATS? Let Weiszer introduce you to motivation.

When we parted ways from this very spot four days ago, word from the pantsless guy was that he plans to rock climb his way to Stillwater. I guess he has confused the Oklahoma plains with Everest. We can only hope he catches his breath before kickoff. (pauses for effect, hoping for laughter...none forthcoming he continues) Meanwhile I guess I'll arrive rested and refreshed after being pampered by a Delta stewardess.

Thank you gentleman with the mustard stained shirt and the chili in the corner of your mouth for the ride. I'll meet you in the parking lot after I grab one more order of manna from heaven.

Now, back to Darren...

So there you have it folks. Purple Sham-Wows, 20" spinnaz and high dollar weight loss pills all sounds pretty glamorous, but it's business as usual here at BDB. Take a hefty slice and place it carefully between two pieces of wonderbread and you got a meatloaf sandwich.

That's lunch. Have a great week Reader.



MikeInValdosta said...


Before I got check this guy out I need to know if I must avert my eyes due to his wardrobe issues...

Hell, its midnight and I have nothing better to do.


Perot, in '08

Priceless. Another useless blog added to my subscription.

If we can get Google reader shutdown, or at a minimum blocked from my phone, I promise to personally end this recession.

Mackie said...

...alright, I openly admit there MIGHT have been some slight embellishing of facts from our little pow-wow.

But I still stand behind the claim you prefer the album Van Halen III to 1984...and that's pathetic my friend...pathetic.

Also, in response to the high-price weight loss supplements, I'd advertise Asbestos Mustaches if they sent me $100.

Touche, Bernie. Touche.

Bernie said...

Mike you said, "worthless blog"...I checked and that is indeed redundant.

Mack - I would say years from now they will call this bigger than Mothra vs. Godzirra, but that might be taking what is somewhat short of sublime and making it ridiculous beyond reason. And I think I went out of my way last week to prove my allegiance to Def Leppard.

Just ask Joe the Fireman.

Anonymous said...

The V was my first stop in Athens last week, as it should have been. You cannot rush into a weekend of eating and other things without a good base.

Mackie said...

That's true, that tank-top you were wearing showed off the awesome arm tattoos you had.

Left Arm Tat- "This one's for Rick Allen"

Right Arm Tat- "This one's for Bernie"

Bernie said...

I wear the tats in honor of the man...that leaves you to wear the British flag skivvies.