Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP Jacko

This song, and more specifically the video, once inspired a dance career. Lucky for you Reader, I subsequently broke an ankle trying to emulate the King of Pop's signature tiptoe stand.


Tomorrow, a BDB tribute to Farrah.


MikeInValdosta said...

I jsut do not know what to say about the original MJ.

As for Farrah, WOWW!!!!!!

I still have to of the posters, on is hanging on the wall in my workshop. The other is rolled up in a tube. I am planning on giving it to me 5 year old son on some future birthday. I still haven't decided which birthday, but I know it will be special for him. Never has a woman accomplished so much with so little....

Bernie said...

Enough typos there to issue you another BUI. I believe that makes two just this week. Keep up the good work!

And make sure your young man "don't go around breakin young girls hearts".

MikeInValdosta said...

I'd fire my editor but for the damn union.

And yes, my blogging insurance has been cancelled.