Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smells Like Teen Spirit

CMR has landed another '10 commit in Ken Malcome of SW Dekalb. Malcome is a highly sought after RB with good size.

Hale's back from sun and fun and has a great post on that ever so popular off-season topic: off the field problems. Not surprisingly, Rennie's leading the way. And what is also becoming commonplace...the new #7 is on point:

"I didn't need somebody to get suspended to know that I'm going to step up to the challenge," freshman tight end Orson Charles said. "I have my own mind-set from the get-go that I just want to make everybody better around me. I just want to win."

Tru dat sir. Tru dat!

Also back at his bloggin desk, Mackie provides a link for some good-natured trash talk. He's cautiously optimistic the cowpokes' six shooters are only partially loaded. And if that doesn't get you to follow the link and post something on their board....well, I also heard them talk about your mama. You gonna sit there and let em do that? On the internets for ALL to see?

I didn't think so. Speaking of message boards, I gave a complaint to Jensen the other day about TotalUGA's wacked out look lately. He assures everyone that the site is just going through some updates and will be back up again by mid-week at the latest.

Well, I'm actually working today...so I better get back to it. But also wanted to follow up on our favorite pitchman. Doctors are pretty sure it was an enlarged heart that sealed Billy's fate like a healthy dab of Magic Putty.

RIP Billy Mays. May your bunk be closer to Farrah's than Ed or Jacko's.

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