Friday, June 5, 2009

When in Doubt...Eat a Doughnut

Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty.

It's a line early in the movie Doubt. Seymour Hoffman and Streep lead a terrific cast; a lot of cinematography and dialogue instead of action, adventure. But overall, a great movie. 

And like all great movies, it got me thinking about college football. More specifically, the Dawgs.

A year ago, we were certain of our talent. The grandest dreams not only had CMRs crew in contention for titles, but had Stafford and Knowshon pitted against each other for the Heisman. 

Right up until a night in late September, certainty was nice and comfy.

This off season there is much that is uncertain. Sure, it helped allay some fears during the spring when Houston showed a tenacity for backfield disruption. But he's not following us to Stillwater.

And as nice as it will be to see a 5th year senior trot out 'tween the hedges as the QB, his claim to red and black fame came against a Colorado defense three years ago (h/t Mackie). And don't get me started on RBs who can't pick up a blitz...

Certainty can breed complacency. Perhaps a little doubt will create some hunger...some fire in the belly. 

Friday Feedbag
  • We're gonna need to tidy up around here...Exhile's comin' home.
  • Branden Smith committed to CMR before Nat'l Signing Day and didn't back down from that commitment. True to form, recently he refused to back down from the Great  Hale's questions.
  • Just as decisive as his dad was in the pocket, Nick Montana is near a decision on his college choice. Jensen has the latest on his recruitment.
  • Over at Bulldog Illustrated, Jeff Dantzler has comprised an All Donnan-Richt team and Vance has some good news for golfers who enjoy the scenery that Robert Trent Jones bestowed upon us..
  • Dawgs play ball...but also crack the books.
  • Get your remotes retuned before the SEC season gets into full swing. Finding the best college football games is gonna take a savvy surfer this fall.
  • Mack of Blogging Pantsless fame is providing an opportunity for you to meet a really rich guy tomorrow.
  • And in the best for last category, the Chicago White Sox didn't take long to realize that Gordon Beckham is show-worthy.
Without a doubt and with every certainty, Stillwater is only 92 days away now. So close, you can almost start to smell T. Boone Pickens' pit sweat.

Speaking of counting these Dawg Days of Summer down, be sure to click on over to Bubba 'N Earl's neck of the internets. They've got a countdown going that is sure to bring a smile to your face....daily. 

And before you go, be sure to grab your free doughnut - after all, it is National Doughnut Day. We'll celebrate anything in the name of carbs and sugary sweetness.

Much to Homer's delight.



Mackie said...

Just so you know, T. Boone's pits don't sweat. He has 2 small cooling fans under each arm powered by zero-emissions wind-energy.

Bernie said...

I hear the first 10000 fans on 9/5 get a personalized pair. I'm flying out tomorrow....