Friday, July 24, 2009

Carvin' Up Carver

God knows I've made my share of mistakes. I even went so far as to outline all ten of them HERE during the whole Ol' Willie's Gonna GO!! brouhaha.

But if there's a silver lining to this Carver HS crapfest it is that Coach Richt is obviously human. He too, Brute....flubs up. He's forever been painted as this goody-two-shoes choir boy. I love it when a player comes out in dispute, saying you should hear the guy behind closed doors after a missed assignment. Or when he tells Trinton Sturdivant to shake that seemingly motorized moneymaker in front of Slurban's quizzical stare.


To sum up, CMRs staff pulled back a verbal. It wasn't a solid in early February, a verbal in July. They realized they were running short suddenly and didn't have room on the bus. It was the kid's coach that took it to a different level. (That's my opinion. It's also my blawg.) I'm just pleased our state's rockstar continued to take the high road, despite the threats of Muscogee exhile.

Afterall, word has it when faced with being cleft from Pahokee, KiffyBaby tantrum'd up a turnip truck. Nonetheless, for better summations try Exhile, PWD, Rex, Senator.

I'll just say err is human. To act like an asshat is reptilian.

Friday Feedbag
  • Apologies to any Reader who has been offended by freelance writer (emphasis on free) Willard's coverage of SEC Media Days the past couple days. Between outpatient procedures and other family obligations, my attendance at the journalistic orgy in Hoover was impossible. I've learned you get what you pay for...or in this case, what you deceive.
  • Speaking of the mania in Hoover, Bubba N Earl have crafted a useful way to imbibe the monotonous mound of mularkey forced on us this week. Better get a refill before you head over though.
  • Meanwhile MikeInValdosta considers it all a classic bored game.
  • The days and times for the first three weeks of SEC tackle football were announced at the commencement of HooverMania. Jensen has em set up, so crank up those PDAs you crackberries.
  • I cannot begin to link all the incredible stuff Hale has up. You can use this link to check out his SEC ballot made public. But don't stop there....he has videos, quotes and interviews galore. It may actually be enough to tide you over until two-a-days.
  • Reading Jeff Schultz's piece on the lower expectations in '09 assures me that CMR is just as tired of the taste that lingers from last season's meals as you, me and every other Dawg who's been countlessly accosted by insects this off-season.
  • Carver-Columbus Gate aside, the biggest recruiting news of the week was the commit of TJ Stripling. My words cannot possibly come close to describing the impact this kid could I'll let Legend take the reins.
  • Jeff Owens' '08 injury may keep him off some pre-season All-SEC lists, but his community service is being recognized well. The defensive tackle has been named to the All-State/AFCA Good Works Team. I'm at a loss to come up with one word to describe the guy. Somewhere between amazing and awe-inspiring.
  • Finally, and for something non-football related to ensure we don't implode from the sudden wealth of data suggesting that the gridiron is indeed coming back...soon. Check out Allen's Assessments. A blog to getcha thinking, questioning...for better or worse. I find it's usually for the better. Plus he's a fellow Jaguar alum, was TrT's 2nd episode's winner and is a former Redcoat. Quite the resume if you ask me.

Speaking of Thursdays R Trivial....(drum roll...)

Congrats to @Ludakit as the winner of the 4th episode. He correctly identified the South Terminal of Atlanta's Hartsfield International in a twitpic yesterday to thoroughly dominate the category of Where He B? In related news, Bernie's wife is away...far a doubt missing her husband.....and the kids I'm sure.

You can check out Ludakit's Dawg-gone Blog here, where no doubt he will be sporting a relaxing cucumber wrap and a swanky new robe from the Ritz in Scotsdale. (If I have any readers who work for Ritz International....stop laughing! could may consider that creative license. No robes were absconded with the publishing of this post.) In fact, I mentioned Schultz's article on expectations above. Kit's piece on the differences in this off-season and last is a MUST read.

And now that you have your homework Reader, get back to work...or your girlfriend...or the yard work...or just get. But come back sometime tomorrow when Willard's due back with a final Media Days installment. Knutsville's BoyWonder takes the mic today. And we all know what happens when you put a mic in front of that mouth....

It's the sole reason blogs were invented. Stay thirsty my friends. Enjoy the weekend.



MikeInValdosta said...

I had to "drink" away Allen's assessment once already, now it is time to repeat the process.

Bernie said...

Yeh, as they say in Berlin...that dude spreckenz the truth. And sometimes it hurts.