Friday, July 31, 2009

A Dawg Among Boys...and a Smattering of Men

Had I been graced with enough ounces of athletic ability to play SEC tackle football, rest assured I'd wanna be a defensive back. I'd wanna get coached up real good, put on the red and black and tell Coach Erk (hey, it's my dream...) to just tell me which half the field is mine. He can use my other 10 teammates to take care of the rest.

Me on an island, with just a receiver in the wrong jersey. Glory!

But one receiver I'd never want to face is Adriel Jeremiah Green. I wouldn't have wanted to face him as a freshman. And I certainly wouldn't want to face him in '09 with a healthy groin and another 15 pounds of muscle. Here are some of his highlights from

Career Highs: 8 receptions at No. 24 Ariz. St. in 2008
*159 receiving yards at Arizona State in 2008
*Long reception of 54 yards vs. No. 5 Florida in 2008
*1 receiving TD (8x), last vs. No. 18 Ga. Tech in 2008
*1 rushing attempt (3x), last at Kentucky in 2008
*28 rushing yards at Kentucky in 2008
*Long rush of 28 yards at Kentucky in 2008

Now keep in mind he only caught one pass for 35 yards in the G-Day game. Slacker. : )

Yesterday I wondered how the QB red-shirts might pan out this season. You can bet that Murray and Mettenberger will both be chomping at the bit to have at least one season to throw to this Dawg.

Friday Feedbag
  • Pretty good piece here by Maisel on Mike know, the coach who played poker with Texas Tech early this off season and made them blink first.
  • I picked on Carroll when he snubbed his own QB back in January, so to be fair: Trojans are honoring the scholly for a player whose college career never began.
  • That being said, when in the hell will the NCAA stick that program where it hurts. In the words of a wise man in Section 327, "Trojans...all they do is CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT!!"
  • For my North Avenue readers, here's Rex's calculations for the rate at which air escapes an orifice when heated.
  • Thinking Bulldog has a headset and is talking into the ears of Bobo and Richt.
  • T Kyle King is fitting Soulja Boy with a new jacket.
  • Undoubtedly still recovering from his injuries in the car accident a couple weeks ago, Loran Smith weighs in on last week's hot topic - Visor's snub of Slurban's big boy. I have to agree with the closing line: I say let the coaches coach and somebody else do the picking and ranking. Maybe better yet, don't have pre-season rankings and lists at all. Worthless.
  • Now that OSU LB Andre Sexton has done spout off, evidently the cowpoke writers are following suit. Even Doc Saturday's Chris Brown is overly impressed with the man's offense. For some responses, here's Senator, BUI, Quinton, and Exhile. 21 points...sure.
  • Speaking of spoutin' off, Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin thinks Charlie Weis collects doilies and sings Air Supply while wearing pink, fuzzy slippers (h/t Mackie). Tough talk from the coach of a team that dresses in skirts and prances around before kickoff.
  • Looking for a reason to scream CHILD ABUSE!! the next time you see some middle-aged mom stroll her teenage daughter into a tanning salon? News from cancer experts worldwide deliver you some ammo.

I have fond memories of the Price is Right. I remember visiting my grandmother's house during the 11:00 am hour at times and being met with the booming sound of Bob's voice. Go give that Wheel a spin...

But honestly, as exciting as it was to see the mountain climber fall to his doom while yodeling music played...that ain't nuttin' compared to the game that is sweeeeeeping the nation but ignoring the garage. Thursdays R Trivial had its fifth episode yesterday, and it's first photo finish.
But in the end, @namaman was 43 minutes later than @uga009 with the answer "Mama's Apple Pie". Safe to say both tweeters are fans of @jeffowens95 blog where they discovered what Clint Boling's favorite dessert was. But @uga009 is the tweeter walking away with: (drum roll...) six gallons of chocolate ice cream - Ben Harden three of Mom's Four Layer Dessert - Brandon Wood eight Cheesecakes -Trinton Sturdivant five and a half (sorry, got hungry) Mama's Apple Pies - Clint Boling four Strawberry Cheesecakes - Tony Wilson seven bowls of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream - Joe Cox four sheets of German Chocolate Cake - Rod Battle fifteen plates of BBQ -Marcus Washington (Evidently, Washington doesn't do dessert)...and three bags of Gummi Bears sprinkled over eight gallons of Vanilla ice cream - #95 hisownself
Wow! Hope your fork is reinforced stainless. Guess these DamnGoodDawgs have some sweet teeth. I'll try to swing a health club membership for next week's fabulous prize.
Well, Reader...we made it another week. The team's about to start practice and the Labor Day Weekend's travel plans are arranged. I think we're gonna survive this off-season. Enjoy your weekend!



MikeInValdosta said...

Tonight I will either be dreaming of playing the corner opposite of Bernie and shutting down Penn State and that food critic quarterback in the Sugar Bowl for another Championship, or me and all three of Bob's Beauties in a fairly small bed. Tough choice.

I know this, if it is Bob's beauties, I do not want Mackie singing "I'm all out of love" in the background.

Mackie said...

bitch please, I'm more of a "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" kinda guy.

Bernie said...

I woke up with the worst headache this morning and had no idea why. Until I went downstairs to my office and saw that Erk's head was bleeding. It's too bad Erk wasn't around for that dose of sugar to over-cook Blackledge. I always thought he and JoePa were Lost in Love....