Saturday, July 4, 2009

God Bless the USA

Hey Reader. Darren the Intern here. Bernie's out taking a casual jog along Peachtree before he spends some quality time with the family and the grill. As he was lacing up his kicks, he asked me to post a couple gems.

First, PapaBernie shares a video by Uncle Jay, who explains the news in his usual unique form.

And this one from AllProDad is sure to remind you of not just the sacrifices our servicemen and women make each day, but also the hardships endured by the families left behind. I'm quite sure a Jonas Brothers concert can't make up for over a year of missing your dad, but I bet Hannah Myers was smiling the whole time.

Welcome Home Master Sgt. Joseph Myers

It's a great country Reader. Now go out and eat your weight in grilled meat and set off some fireworks before you fall into a grill-induced stupor.

H A P P Y F O U R T H of J U L Y ! ! !