Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have Campus Bus Schedule Will Play

This isn't really big news, but Coach Richt has confirmed (a little more broadly) that the freshly shaven 17-18 year olds will be suiting up for action this fall. While Weiszer points out that our new TEs had already been ink'd into the depth chart, CMR confirming that Washuan Ealey will enter into the mix is more intriguing...albeit expected.

While Jackson, Thomas, Samuel and King may have more experience, it is inconsequential. This also says that King continues to not separate himself. Most fans read that as a bad thing given the hype that went into King's recruitment. It could also be viewed as a positive note on his counterparts. I for one think we've recruited really well at that position the last few years.

Rex adds his perspective to the RB position. He's not convinced Samuel is ready for everydown-type action.

Going back to CMRs statement last night at the Greater ATL Bulldog Club, I'll be curious to see which skill position freshmen use the opportunity to step up and grab some time between the down markers and which prove their worth as special teamers.

  • Gilliard and Vasser surely face a difficult task cracking into the LB rotation.
  • We can probably add Abry Jones and Derrick Lott to that mix as well. With Owens, Weston and Atkins in the JKG formation (as #95 likes to put it) the interior d-line is pretty much set.
  • But Charles, Lynch, Brown and Wooten we'll see...and I expect to see early.
  • Bogatay and Montez Robinson are at positions where competition is needed.
  • DB needs some competition as well, but Branden Smith, Jordan Love and Shawn Williams would have to make remarkable strides next month to be trusted in an SEC secondary. At least in the first half of the season.
  • That said, it's still possible we'll see Smith on offense at some point.
  • The offensive line will prove just as difficult to crack as the LB rotation. But I still like Burnette's chances. Strickland is already down for the season. Hopefully others do NOT follow suit. But if they do, Dallas Lee enrolled early so Searels may trust him sooner rather than later. Austin Long...depends on how much weight he can gain, quickly.
Of course, all of this is speculation at its highest. But on one position I am very clear: if we see either Murray or Mettenberger, I will not be a happy Dawg fan.

How 'bout you? Who are you most eager to see? ....or NOT see? And who am I off base on?


dean said...

if we see either Murray or Mettenberger, I will not be a happy Dawg fan.
I know what you're saying but I hope to see one them get some snaps in mop-up duty. Hopefully after we've put the game away and not the other way around.We're going to need a backup to Gray with some (albeit limited) experience next year.

I have to agree with RR assessment of Samuel. To me he seems like a good short yardage back. He just doesn't seem to have the vision to find a crease to slip through. From what I've seen he runs wide open to where the hole is suppose to be and if it's not there he just lowers his head and tries to run over anybody in his way instead of looking for some daylight. Hopefully he's improved on that this offseason.

Ollllddude said...

The way I understood the term "play", is to translate it as "not redshirt". Or, I think it more likely that you will see Vasser and Gilliard on special teams as opposed to at linebacker. It seemed like CMR said something like "you want your best and fastest hitters on special teams". And you might see them in mop-up/grooming duty to get ready in case an injury occurred.

Some will say: "Oh no, we are going to burn a year and not get full use out of such-and-such player if we do that". But, the reality is if they are really good, they are going when they can, so we may as well see what they can do early. Plus, if an injury occurs later in the career early in the season you can take the redshirt then if need be.

And players like playing; it's good for recruiting to see you aren't arbitrarily held back a year.

Bernie said...

dean - yes, my intended meaning for the QBs had to do with meaningful snaps. I'm really excited to see Gray complement Cox. And REALLY anxious to see our boys develop some mop-up duty time for Murray or Mett.

Ollllddude - I've always like CMRs philosophy that you play if you've earned it. I wish he would've stuck to that a little more though during Moreno's red-shirt year. ;)

One more note on Vasser - I really expect great things from this kid. We may not see it this year except on STs. But he kinda reminds me of Pollack in a way. Not a big-time recruit, but a real hard worker with a nose for action.

The Cuatro said...

Nice Post. But we won't see Austin Long this year, that's for sure. He's won't be able to do much of anything until December due to that back injury / surgery. Remember?

Bernie said...

Good catch Cuatro. My research staff is being docked pay as we speak...