Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Hero's Return

Tuesday was pay your insurance premium get your colon scoped day for me. (TMI...?? yeh prolly so...) Spent most of the day snoozing off some anesthesia from my sofa.

But we gathered the kids and the Old Glorys around 2:30 and raced to the front of our subdivision. Word had spread over the weekend that a neighbor was returning home from serving his country.

Corporal John Tolan of the US Marine Corps was injured in Afghanistan by an IED (improvised explosive device). Tuesday he was to return to his home in Lawrenceville. He ended up about an hour ahead of schedule, so many who had planned late lunch breaks were not in attendance. But it was a moving tribute I was proud to have been a part of it nonetheless.

There's something very heart warming about seeing kids hold up flags and homemade signs for a soldier who has given so much to his country. I haven't shaken John's hand yet, but pray for him to live a long life enjoying the freedoms he has so graciously protected for my family overseas.

Semper Fi.


Mackie said...

You're a good neighbor for having your family out there for his return. That's the proper way to raise kids, with respect for American heros.

Also, I hope everything's alright with your pooper.

Bernie said...

Call me State Farm. And doc says I should be eating hot wings and guzzling beer again in no time. Or maybe that was the anasthesia talking to me....